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    That's an easy question to answer; the two that I have! Really not easy to answer and the prices have been all over the place from 200 to 700. To me one of the nicest is the example Patch Johnson has on the uniform with the motto and unit number. As Bob said they are all rare, and if you find one just buy it! The $2.00 patch will always be that price. You never know when you will see it again. Just my advice for what it's worth. Mort





    Thank you Mort.Happy New Years to you too.

  2. Hi all !! just thought id start posting some photo's of some of the patches that i have inherited from my late uncle !! the collection consisted of usaaf flying clothing and uniforms and ww2 us army clothing ! there are loads of patches in the collection some of which im sure are not wartime but later may be korea or vietnam era !! ive posted a pic just to show a few there are 3 on the pic which are painted leather , but h you collector buffs would soon spot them !! any help on these would be great thanks very much for looking carl





    I think the 334th and 4th Fighter Group patch probably go together.Probably from the early 50's, but hard to tell with out a close up of the front and back.The prowler 1964 cruise patch look's nice, and may go with a carrier patch you have, and is probably Japanese made.Please add some pic's of the back of the patches.And please, as stated before, don't throw away a patch.Somebody will always find a home for it.Nice group of patches.Thanks for sharing.



    Hmm.I have an old "8 ball" patch that I have been unable to ID as well!Maybe someday you can post a pic of it here on the forum,and I'll see if mine matches yours!


    I will try and get a pic on.The patch is a red square with a black 8 ball and 'U.S. NAVY' across the ball.

  4. You should rally consider joining ASMIC.It's not that expensive and the 'Trading Post' is published 4 times a year.You can also buy back issues.I had a patch for almost 15 years, never knew what it was.I always thought it was a Navy novelty patch, 8 ball.Almost thought about getting rid of it.Couldn't find it in any reference book, and still can't, or an issue of the Trading Post'.Then one day I picked up an old issue of 'Militaria', a French magazine, and there it was.Turned out to be a very rare 8th Beach Landing patch.According to the article only around 500 were made.The first one I ever saw for sale was on eBay a few months ago, and I've had the patch since '85.So who knows maybe your patch is in the same boat as mine was.I'm just glad I never got rid of it.

  5. Maybe its time to go back to collecting DIs. :unsure:



    :lol: LOL. This is just one reason why I like collecting military item's.Sometimes there is no right answer.Pins and patches have been made all over the world and as far as I know nobody has categorized every variation of every patch, pin or di.

  6. Not that a black light is a sure bet but How does it react under black light?? Does the white glow??



    I was going to stop posting but there's just something about that patch.I went and re-read every post on this patch.First did you ever check this under a black light? You never answered that question. Second.I also re-read the ASMIC article and looked at the pics.As stated before none of them look like yours.Your patch has an applied horse where the ones in the article appear to not have that.One of the patches is on felt but none on wool.Like stated above a BL reaction does not necessarily mean it's not period but chances are it's not.I looked thru a lot of books and there really are not a lot of pictures of the 112th RCT patch.


    If it is a repro why isn't there more out there?Who know's maybe there are.Maybe this is the first one to float to the top? You had also asked before that maybe somebody cut the patch off a sleeve? In that case the patch would have been directly embroidered on to the sleeve, could have been but doubtful.


    I and everyone else really wants this to be an original.Nobody wants to see a fellow collector taken advantage of.Military/patch collectors are one of the closet groups around.We share a lot of information amongst each other.


    With that said sorry and maybe we can move on? :)

  7. I am not an expert on bullion patches, that is why I really try and stay away from them.How can you tell aboriginal from a fake? The only thing I do know, and thats from an old collector friend, is that if it has the black paper backing it's probably Paki made.Is this still or ever been true?


    I'm done with you.You can believe what you want.Good luck with your life and collecting patches that I'm sure you'll sell as original because you are the one and true knower of all things military.All bow patchcollector you are truly wiser than the great OZ.Look at the post above I already showed you how he was misquoted in my original post from this morning.And as far as proclaiming myself the big man I can only assume you are not as I was trying to end this useless back and forth you said this oh my god I need to respond.Get back to the original part of this feed, about your reproduction 112th Cav patch. Changing the subject isn't going to make it an original. :( Bye.Cant say it was nice talking to you.PS, you win because I am truly done with you. :P

  9. You are right.I was looking at the words you used and how you phrased them.For example why would you say, 'So you state that you have been selling buying,yada yada yada,30 years.What does that make you?Am I supposed to be impressed?.'.I didn't say to impress you or anybody else but that seems like a pretty personal attack.This is why I said 'angry'.I was just trying to say that I have been doing this for a long time and I am still learning new things.The Fakers are getting better. You also state,' What have you posted here,besides your occasional opinion.Anything of substance?'. Another reason for 'anger'.I guess you're not allowed to state something on a forum whether you agree with it or not, hmmm, ANGER.From 'Yes I agree... ' to the end is absolutely 100% correct.NO ONE should depend on one person or reference book/site.AGAIN I was just try to say that KurtA was being miss quoted.I do not project my feelings or opinions on anybody.We are getting off topic.I'll be the big person and end this.If you feel offended then I am truly sorry. To quote your quote, Don't let the B@stards wear you down -"Vinegar" Joe Stillwell

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