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  1. Differently a mine in the center. Cool patch. Not the colors of South Korea
  2. That’s cool and a stubby wing too boot
  3. That many with the same number they could be laundry tags
  4. 405th Telegraph Bn http://www.telcomhistory.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/The-Telecommunications-History-Group-Inc.-Spring-2014-Newsletter.pdf
  5. I noticed the 2nd Inf Div patch. I think his CIB is Japanese made as well
  6. As long as you’re both happy, who cares. Nice stuff
  7. Excellent question, thought the same. Maybe the goverment returned it to another relative? Such a sad story. R.I.P.
  8. I’ll see if I can my VICIN’s. I think it may be in there. The navigation ID sounds more like it, since the Indian is looking/searching.
  9. I thought this was ID’d as 307th MMS.
  10. The MRF beret pieces are pretty large, oversized, for a beret.
  11. Those are very cool. Yes, the ones from eBay are reproductions.
  12. The Fort Custer with the B-36 is cool. The World War in service is cool. Not sure when the changed it from ‘The Great War’ to World War?
  13. No problem. But did you ding anyone else or think of changing the title, not just HOLLYWOOD PATCHES #2. Maybe made 4 Hollywood patches & Legit units worn in Hollywood?
  14. There are pictures of of other ‘legit’ patches shown here. Are you saying this is only for Hollywood made, fantasy type, patches?
  15. Very cool. Sure looks like the Astronaut designator on his mini CMD Pilot wings
  16. From NIGHT COURT Dan is activated from the reserves Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  17. S/N’s D8400 - E6799 were manufactured between 6/44 & 10/44
  18. The 173rd A/B BDE is U.S. made but in a Vietnam made pocket hanger. The Engineer CMD - Vietnam and 125th(I think) Transportation are Vietnam made. All 3 pocket hangers are very collectible. Maybe $25 for the 173rd, $40 for the Engineer CMD, & $60 for the Transportation. The 101st are U.S. made from the 60’s. The Special Forces with teal A/B tab is a nice early one, maybe $30. 1st Aviation BDE looks Japanese made. USARVN pocket hanger is common but still collectible, maybe $20. The subdued is a 1st issue twill, about $10. The rest are common U.S. made.
  19. I knew someone was going to mention that. LOL. I just figured they may have mingled with each other.
  20. He could have been with the Mobile Riverine Force, 9th Infantry Div?
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