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  1. Those enamel center badges can go for $400++, depending if there were any cracks in it. I sold one a few years back with a perfect center and it went for, if I remember right, $425. I have another but wish I still kept that one. They are so hard to find.

    As far as the 'female' SP badge I've seen males wearing them. I was a in 82-86 as a medic. I posted a picture somewhere with a male SP wearing one. I also have a few of thos badges and it doesnt specify female on the label.

  2. On 10/8/2020 at 8:38 PM, patches said:

    Here's a photo of the army's first Astronaut Robert Stewart in 1978, he starts his astronaut training in July of 1978 Marshal Space Flight Center, According to his WIKI became an astronaut in August 1979, also according to his WIKI, he is awarded the Army Astronaut badge after flying on his first mission in outer space, not upon graduating from the course, first mission was STS-41-B Challenger, February 1984.








    Thats cool. Thank you

  3. Cool patch.


    Was reassigned to the United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE), September 1946, performing intro-theater cargo flights based at Munich-Riem Airport. Transferred to Kaufbeuren AB when Riem Airport was closed. Was re-equipped with C-54 Skymaster aircraft and deployed to RAF Fassberg during 1948 Berlin Airlift. Flew continuous missions across hostile Soviet Zone of Germany in Berlin Air Corridor, transporting supplies and equipment to airports in West Berlin, 1948–1949. Later operated from Rhein-Main AB and Wiesbaden AB in American Zone of Occupation, later West Germany until blockade ended. 

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