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  1. Very nice helmet, never seen one so clean and nice!
  2. I have seen one similar that I have, let me see if I can find it.
  3. Looks to be a rank marking on the sand side also
  4. Bought this cover on an auction. I think its KN War era. The fabric doesnt glow at all but the tread does. Wouldnt the thread glow anyway if its post WWII? First one I ever had and need help Thanks All!
  5. Awesome! The spout is the best part to have that. I have bought dozons but only one with the spout
  6. Awesome haul. I was going to go but had an estate sale to run that weekend
  7. sweet man im a picker too, military is my man stuff but do alot with antiques and paintings too!
  8. You find the most amazing stuff at thrift shops!!!!!! Well done once again!!!
  9. Check out this link. It have a CT one close to yours www.angelfire.com/md2/patches/stateguards.html
  10. That CT patch is nice. Prob late 40s early 50s
  11. Don't think so in this case. Liner is completely wrong.
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