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  1. This sold for around $110 on Ebay recently. It was billed as a WW2 theater made patch, but I am unsure about that. What do you think?
  2. Does this hold true for skylight? I read where they were treated to block almost all UV rays. Dave, thank you for your candor. I completely agree, I want to enjoy these artifacts, not salt them away only to steal a furtive and fleeting sight?
  3. Does any body have better eyes that can tell what the devices are on the shoukderboards? Any way to determine waffenfarbe in a BW photo? Anyway, input appreciated
  4. The red collar tab is for NSDAP, Gau Geheimschlatter level.
  5. Great medic lids. I especially like the square style markings!!
  6. Congratulations on your ID. Always love it when these artifacts can be identified!!
  7. Here is mine, purchased from a member here.
  8. This seller is always selling pieces like jump wings, SSI, etc. Claiming the value will skyrocket after they are "published" in his book. Seems he is willing to break up great groups in order to help buyers.....seems to not make sense from a collector standpoint. And NO returns.
  9. Please out this "gentleman" if, after your due diligence determine his intent to defraud.
  10. It is nice to see younger collectors, I didn't start till I was 44, so you got me by 30 years. Congrats and keep it up!
  11. Jacqueline, my attention span is about 3.5 seconds, but I looked at every single one of your works of art. Are you self taught? Your eye for flesh tones, shading ,eye color FANTASTIC! DO YOU SELL YOUR WORK?
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