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  1. Hi, I have this Ammo case and was wondering if anyone knows what it was used for and around what time period it was used. Any info would be helpful. Thanks in advance everyone and thanks for taking the time to look. D.
  2. I am by no means an expert but when I saw the two different canteen covors in question my first thought was that it may have been modified. Maybe extended to hold a larger canteen. Again I base this on first opinion when looking at it. If this was truly the case then its possible that the lift the dot pegs were changed to accomodate the new bottle. Maybe check to see if there is any evidence of the peg side of the snap having been removed and a different one put back on. That is what I would look for if I were holding it in my hand. Best of luck with the ID and I will be checking back for upda
  3. Thank you very much for the info. I guess I need to do some research as to the difference between the "woven web" and "canvas". At any rate I am pretty excited about the belts. Thanks again for the info guys! I look forward to learning more as I investigte my new collection!
  4. Do you have any pictures of your Medic Dog Tag Set? That might help with an ID. This might be helpful to others that are in similar situations as yourself. Also, if you reslove your question I would like to see images of the correct medic bag you are trying to find. Just a thought. Good luck with your search and I will help out if I can. Also, I have some WWII items I could part with, send me a PM with items you are looking for.
  5. December 1942 Gas rationing begins in the USA First US bombing of mainland Italy Marines turn over Guadalcanal to the American army Germans begin a retreat from the Caucasus Great thread! Wonderful way for people to learn about WWII!!!
  6. Very well done, I am going to use the method above to take care of a bayonet I have. The 0000 steel wool didn't leave any visable scratches that the camera didn't pick up did it? Thanks for the posts and information!!! I can't wait to get my stuff cleaned up to make the display that much better! Good call!!!
  7. Great info! thank you all. I am a new collector and I am trying to get an idea of values and ID's. This hobby is slowly sucking me in. I am greatful that I have found this forum to help me understand what I just may be getting into. Believe me, I will be asking many questions to the point of annoying many of you... Bear with me and we will be able to help eachother out. Best wishes to all!!!
  8. Hi, I have a knife sheath that has no markings and was wondering if the ever briliant folks here could shed some light on what it is... I think its military, it looks kind of like an US M8A1 scabbard (I have one of these) but there are some definate differences... Hope I can get some help. Thanks to all!
  9. Still trying to figure out the image posting here. I linked from my photo bucket to get bigger pics. Thanks for info and sorry for a double post!
  10. I have a couple of older cartridge belts that were gifted to me. I have done some research and have learned a little about them in general. I am hoping to get a little more insight from the pros here. Any info would be great. Thanks in advance everyone!
  11. I just have to say, Excellent series of photographs! The more of them I viewed the more I wanted to see! The raw history needs to be preserved so generations to come don't get biased and censored versions of "History with and Agenda" Thank you for posting this!!!
  12. I gotta get me one of these for my collection! Gonna keep my eyes peeled for sure. Good info everyone!
  13. Thank you Vince for your clarification. I have looked at a couple hundred images of g3 pouches and have not seen this one among them. I trust what you say is true and I will go with that. Thanks again for your help with this identification.
  14. Here is a photo of the back... I hope this works. I can't seem to figure out how upload pictures here in a reply post...
  15. Ok, since I got an answer so dang quick with the last one, I have another ID I need some help with. This also has no markings of any kind anywhere. It is a double pouch that are connected. Each pouch is about 5 in wide and 8 in tall. The total dimension is about 10 in wide by 8 in tall. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again...
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