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  1. During WW2 were USMC Detachments on Battleships, Cruisers and Aircraft Carriers armed with M1 Garands or just 1903 Springfield's ? Were these Marines just issued what was standard allotment on a vessel, I see pictures of Sailors armed with 1903 rifles at times on ships for landing parties or ships defense. My main question is were the Marines just given what was used by the Sailors mainly 1903 rifles or did the Marines bring their own issued M1 rifles ? Also after WW2 when the Navy converted their M1 Garands to 7.62x51 NATO were the Marine detachments armed with these or what the rest of the U
  2. That is hard to say. I have watched old episodes of the US Army Big Picture and saw Paratroopers during the mid to late 1950's wearing what looked like M-1943 pants with the rigger modified pockets. But they could have been M-1951 trousers with the old rigger modified pockets such as yours. Hope this helps.
  3. Hi everyone I recently got a set of Army field phones and have a problem with the ringer on one. I hooked up the TA-43 to the TA-312 and at first both ringers worked when cranking on the other. Now the TA-43 ringer will not work when I call from the TA-312. Any old Army Signal Corps gurus out there that can help me trouble shoot this ? Thank you. Rob Oh and the the volumes are cranked up to loud on both.
  4. Hmm bummer thought it was genuine Thank you.
  5. Is this Utility cover original or repro ? I bought this in a surplus store circa 1990.When I was younger I re did the emblem with a marker. Thank you.
  6. I remember owning one of these I bought in a surplus store around 1980 when I was 11 yrs old . Same pattern! Anyone know where you can get this very pattern utility cover ? Thank you.
  7. Beautiful work ! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Shoot I am over 6ft 210 lbs, and it is very roomy and loose. I want to build a display of a Marine in Vietnam from 1966 to 68 era on a torso/dummy, hopefully I can make it work. Too bad it is not a Vietnam dated jacket, are post war flak jackets identical to Vietnam war dated ones ? Also can someone show a tag identical to mine with the date still intact ? Thank you.
  9. Thank you Justin. Why were the dates removed from the vests, was this a Depot procedure before releasing to surplus ?
  10. Hi everyone I just wanted to share my latest item I acquired on ebay, perhaps some of you saw it listed. Anyone venture a date when this was made, Vietnam, post Vietnam ? It is a 2nd pattern flak jacket.
  11. Sorry for taking over a year to reply to your question, no I no longer have a B-24. I had a 1/48 scale Revell/Monogram once but I gave it away. Thank you for the kind words. Regards, Rob.
  12. Sorry to hear this, RIP Mr Rooney and God Bless.
  13. Hi Lars thank you. Too achieve the matt finish I use firstly flat paint. Then I mist spray a flat buff color with the airbrush over areas very lightly, after which I then apply the dust pigments. Hope this answers your question ?
  14. Here are a few more, Israeli Sherman and M151 Mutt and US ETO M4 Sherman on a bridge that in reality would probably not support it. Thanks again for all the compliments.
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