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  1. The one on the left is 3rd Field Artillery Regiment.
  2. The one with with Conquistador is Headquarters, Panama Canal Department. Looks like a WWII-era DI.
  3. Did Wolf-Brown actually make the type shown here? Ive never found any documentation on them. Its definitely an inferior design compared to their patented design. I have one of these wire mounts on a Wolf-Brown SSM ribbon, and its misshapen like the GC ribbon seen here.
  4. Interesting mount. Ive seen this once before. As aside, Wolf-Brown had patented, proprietary mounts and clutches, very different from that shown here. If a serviceman didnt have the correct mount. One had to improvise to create something that you fit.
  5. These look like aerial photos of bridges in the United States.
  6. There were actually five men named William J. Miller who died during World War II. Their names, ranks, and serial numbers appear in the attached image.
  7. There are many serial numbers missing from the online NARA database, especially numbers beginning with 36 and 37. Im not surprised you couldnt find it online. Send me a PM and I can tell you how to potentially solve the mystery.
  8. I’ve rarely seen machine-sewn on reenactor pieces or hump jobs, but to the point made by Wake41, it’s impossible to ever know for certain without a solid ID or provenance. Nothing on the jacket looks bad per se.
  9. I didnt say hand-sewn was bad. Its common on original uniforms as is machine sewn, but the latter is seldom found on uniforms put together by tee actors or collectors.
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