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    Military Working Dogs (MWD) (employment, history, equipment); military firearms and associated field equipment; bayonets; preservation techniques
    Background: US Army (retired) by active duty, VA NG and USAR. Combat Tracker Platoon Leader in Vietnam (Infantry, 1st CAV to Provost Marshal, US Army Reserve Special Operations Command). Many deployments with Third US Army (ARCENT) and other organizations.

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  1. My Kit Carson scouts wore US uniforms and US equipment. I don't know anything about their uniforms in the training program or if they were assigned to ARVN units. I do know they were dependable and added to our combat effectiveness.
  2. Thanks, I appreciate the information. Like I said, "correctly or incorrectly." Just wanted to make sure and I appreciate you help.
  3. I understand (correctly or incorrectly) that US ammunition cans are painted, in the interior, with a paint specifically developed to protect ammunition. What other materials/objects are safe to store in ammunition cans? TIA!!!
  4. I have a Harpers Ferry M1805 Pistol that I am putting in a wall mounted display box. Is there any problem using felt for the inside back of the box covering? I can't find 100% cotton felt so it would have to be cotton and synthetic blend. TIA!!
  5. Anyone know of a good US Army uniform reference for the early 1800s? I'm trying to assemble a complete history reference to go with my Harpers Ferry M1805 Pistol. TIA
  6. Very very nice. Thanks for taking the time to share!
  7. Congratulations. Did you know your father had collected these items or was it news to you?
  8. Very nice collection and great display. Congratulations!
  9. skautdog

    Reference Help

    I'm trying to locate a reference which details in written description and pictures US Army issued uniforms, accoutrements holsters and/or powder horns for the 1800-1812 era. ANY help would be appreciated. TIA
  10. Mikie, Sounds like you made great progress! Please keep us posted and good luck. Seems as if we have all enjoyed your project.
  11. Really like your AIRBORNE items. They are bold.
  12. Will you post a picture AFTER your first session? TIA
  13. You've upgraded what was already a nice dis[play. Great pieces of history.
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