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  1. I have these dated and with contractors intials. My question is what are the same ratings with cheese cloth on the back of them? post WWII?
  2. My best finds have been at estate family auction of a WWII veteran, my wifes father sold me a M1905 bayonet and scabbard for $125 the bayonet has 100% original finish never been sharpened its the long one dated 1942. I lean towards the best condition when I can afford it and it is original. To me its the best investment. Now there are just too many WWII patches so I have narrowed my collecting to AAF and air force experimental patches that were in use only a short time. Everthing else I sell.
  3. Thank you. I have found fellowship with other veterans more so than the VA system. Veterans 4 veterans groups are by far the best experience I have had and continue to connect with them. Also they have been a good source for my military interest. Only by collecting, displaying and story telling do we honor and give voice to the service of others.
  4. I dont collect items from areas or era were I engaged in combat its to much to deal with classified ops are the worst, no uniform no markings because officaly never happened yet the facts are those who were there know what happened if they are alive yet will never speak about it and uncle sam makes sure no one will ever go public because we all signed documents. I have found that the gov takes care of those that have done this service it just takes time now they want to give me 20k raise. I see there is a navy seal that has written a book I am sure he will be remanded to a jail in short order.
  5. Thanks for the information I like going to gun shows seeing what military stuff I can find. But most of all I like making blackpower cannons. Hopefuly they may have a few some time.
  6. There are also GAR markers same shape and motiffs without the dates with large GAR in the center.
  7. I found the same compass in a uniform button lot I purchased. It sold on ebay for $42 thanks for the photos.
  8. It looks to me to be a specific pin for that person CINC NY VFW 1987-88 last name Stock.
  9. I just love this one. Your whole collection is a great display of American Military History and your ribbons on the uniforms are all in the correct order of precedence.
  10. There seems to be quite a few I will have to get them all. I have even stared collecting error AAF patches, incommplete and not finished on the sewing. This is a great reference for anyone. Thank You for all your work.
  11. Outstanding display and museum. I really like the idea you had with the display cases and LED lighting. I have similar glass and wood gun show cases that are smaller but thanks to you will be well lighted now.
  12. Could be theater made, but not sure about that specific armored unit history. Its a high number.
  13. I believe the ww2 collectibles that are named or have provenance in documents that bear witness to serial number on the item releasing them from the battle field will hold there value and increase in value.
  14. After my grandfather died my father gave me arm bands that were his they were the aux fireman ones with the Red Cross. He was a volunteer that may be what the V is for. That’s my best guess.
  15. Nice acquisition. I have never seen the aussie uniforms its interesting that the eagle on the sr cpo patch is part of the upper chevron. Thanks for posting.
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