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  1. Based upon my experience, you'll not get them looking like the real thing. They'll fade for sure, but likely to turn the color of the base fabric. In most cases, that's a tan brown or OD. The dye process for modern repros is not what it was in the 60s and they don't hold any colors very well.
  2. And after a year in the sun. Says a lot about dye techniques. Nothing like a good quality material and vat-dye. Are there ANY report manufacturers who produce a quality JWD of the correct fabric, print and dye?
  3. Here's an illustration of what eastasiasupply JDW print looks like after some real wear in the sun.
  4. Hi all, are there any current tiger-stripe manufacturers who produce good quality reproductions of the early 60s, brushed cotton type shirts black, green on almost a light grey base fabric? I've worked my way through every supplier I can think of but only find relatively thick and stiff cotton fabrics used producing gold or tadpole printed on tan or OD. Thanks very much.
  5. Sorry, don't have other pics. But thanks all. Seems there's no confidence in it and that's my view too.
  6. I'm unsure too... What would you do with something like this? Strip it?
  7. Hi, any comments or views on this jungle jacket?
  8. Sorry, I don't have it at hand. But from the photo I'd think so. There seems to be a pronounced depression in the middle of the skull?
  9. I'd be grateful for identification of this. I'm told it's an early (late 50s) Hells Angels MC patch?
  10. Thanks, much appreciated!
  11. 'Just about' everything? Or 'everything'?
  12. Duh. Did a search here and see the seller has been discussed. What confuses me is that there are some real ones (not many) mixed in but all are described in the same way i.e. no clear description one way or another.
  13. Any views on this material? I've little or no interest in the AF patches, but there are some decent surf and biker patches and some look as though they could be real?? Is this seller passing on a one good patch along with ten repros? http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/abqmetal?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2754
  14. Excellent posts. Thank you all very much for the Illuminating information!
  15. Thank you Martin for the detailed explanation. I'm grateful! Patches, no he wasn't. He's an officer in the 173rd ABN.
  16. Greetings all, I have been offered a VN period tropical coat. It all seems correct, though one thing bugs me. It has US Basic Parachutists wings but ARVN Master parachutists wings. Would this have been possible? Many thanks for your assistance.
  17. Thank you both, much appreciated. I suspect it's German made. The colour isn't clear in these photos but it's distinctively more grey than green.
  18. Excellent. Looking forward to seeing them!
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