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  1. Dean, Liner is a later addition as was the named sweatband. When I originally purchased the helmet, it had no liner and I only included it in the sale as a freebie. If you will look closely at the interior of the shell, there is a last name (American in origin) printed in what looks to possibly be red crayon. The remnants of white paint are, in fact, a peace symbol.
  2. The Whink solution comes is a bottle with an integrated spout hole. When treating the exterior of a shell, I just hold the helmet over a container that will catch the run-off and lightly rinse the surface of the shell. No scrubbing is needed as it may cause paint loss. When treating the inside of a shell, I just pour a small amount in the interior and agitate it around for a bit. Since the solution is likely caustic, I've always tried to neutralize it by rinsing all surfaces thoroughly with tap water afterwards, followed up a little bit of Dawn soap rubbed over the surface, thoroughly rinse
  3. Both styles of crimping can be found on Danish slings. You may very well be correct regarding the center bar on the adjustment buckle as I cannot definitively say whether or not I have seen one with a raised bar. All I can say is that both the color and weave of the webbing look to be consistent with faded green examples of Dane slings so it was worth looking into the possibility.
  4. Danish slings also have a flat buckle as seen below. Also compare the weave of the webbing...
  5. Based on the webbing weave and hardware, I would say that it very well may be a Danish sling rather than USGI.
  6. Thank you very much Dave. From what I gather the IPDF can be requested via email. Do you have any idea what the standard wait time is on receiving the contents of the file?
  7. I was informed that the watch was worn at time of death, but I was honestly sceptical due to the nearly two month period between the date of death and the date of the recovery of his body. Mr. Medlen's death was very tragic indeed. It is extremely depressing to read his letters home to his parents, wife, and infant child and seeing the inscriptions of "daddy" on the reverse side of some of the photos. A very sobering and heartbreaking reminder of what it means to make the ultimate sacrifice.
  8. I failed to state in my first post that there are a handful of photos showing Mr. Medlen in MP attire in the grouping of photos, but I was unable to determine when and where the photos were taken.
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