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  1. Thanks for these kind words, we're trying to do our best. And yep, we're using airsoft since we've got pretty cruel gun ban here. You're right. We do portray a platoon (war-size platoon actually with 21 men total) with an attached MG section. We've got BARs too, the point of these report is not to show all stuff we've got. Anyway, your comments about the TOE really made me rethink some points. Thanks
  2. Thank you, Sir. The last one is a staged photo a very close intervals indeed, just needed to picture most of crew together. Could you tell what's wrong with a M1A1 in the hands of a squad leader? I now it's not by the book (manual) impression, but we're picturing late August of 1944. Still not correct?
  3. Found these on the eBay, haven't seen anything like that before. Could somebody help me to identify when this tip was added to the scabbard (or was it some sort of repair etc)? Thanks!
  4. Hi there! Found these "Officer's leggings" while browsing eBay: http://www.ebay.com/...=item43b6863d2d Since I have not seen such modifications if reference material at all, could someone tell me is it a fake or not? The label seems to be ok. I totally understand that this is a private purchase item, but the idea of sewing in a zipper is SO great, that I should have been done by each high ranking officers eventually.
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