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  1. This type of thing doesnt really influence the price of good stuff. It will sell regardless of what some idiots say in a FB forum. One exception seems to be Helmets! Kurt
  2. There are 2 printings of this book and it can be hard to tell them apart. The original and a modern reprint. The old printing has the dark cover with a more rough texture. The newer printing is lighter in color with a softer texture. Kurt
  3. Thanks for posting this! Thats a great group Jeffrey, Kurt
  4. it appears his Silver Star was not for the Yamamoto mission. My guess is one of the DFC’s was..
  5. Here is his award card for the Air Medal and it does document the Gold Star to the Air Medal.
  6. Since the hat has a service number on it, and Naval Officers didnt have service numbers assigned in WWI, could that hat be from the time period of his Naval Reserve service? It says "captain" on it and he was not in WWI , but he could have used that rank, since he was the skipper of his ship. I did confirm he had WWII service. Kurt
  7. Great set, I saw these for sale and am glad you got them both! Kurt
  8. Do you know if he engraved his name on the backs of the Naval Shooting medals on the bar? It was common prior to WWII to have it done. Kurt
  9. spectacular group! Here is the citation: SMITH, MARTIN X. Ensign, U.S. Navy (Reserve Forces) Commanding Officer, U.S.S. C-206 Date Of Action: World War I Citation: The Navy Cross is awarded to Ensign Martin X. Smith, U.S. Navy (Reserve Forces), for exceptionally meritorious and distinguished service while in command of the U.S.S. C-206, engaged in the important and hazardous work of clearing the North Sea of mines.
  10. There has been a rash of these hokey engraved medals on Ebay lately where someone has tried to age them by scratching the backs and scuffing around the engraving. Kurt
  11. There were a lot of Air Medals and DFCs issued officially engraved to servicemen who did not receive the decorations while overseas who were not POWs, MIAs or KIA. They came back home and were sent their medals by the PQMD officially named. I have quite a few documented examples in my collection. Kurt
  12. is CSA stamped on it? I would have thought the entire inscription would have been in hand if it were completed all at the same time. Its also a bit unusual that all the reeding is gone from the edge, even with wear some should be present. Kurt
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