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  1. All fakers screw up sometime and this faker showed his hand big time. Seems to me like someone has found a vintage engraving machine. Kurt
  2. Thanks for sharing ! Taffy 3 groups are some of my favorites. Kurt
  3. Nice looking group! The dogtags tie the group together even though the medals are not named ( unless those are Army tags) . Kurt
  4. This is a very interesting Canadian flight log used by an American who earned his wings with the RCAF in 1941 and transferred back to the USA and flew SBD’s in combat with the US Marine Corps. He continued to use the Canadian log even after he transferred to the USMC. I have not posted every page . The log covers 1941-1947
  5. Early in the war the GCM was wore on the end of the ribbon bar after the campaigns.
  6. I have copies of all the ships muster rolls from World War II, but I have not done any family history for him. Kurt
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