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  1. Thanks Kyle! Posting the link: https://www.cwgc.org/find-records/find-war-dead/casualty-details/492503/ DUFF/
  2. Nice Nole! I have a couple myself. Since I collect Naval Covers I figured it didnt hurt to have a few. Mine are different than yours. Kurt
  3. Great looking uniform! I like how the goldfish was sewn on. Kurt
  4. Thats incredible! Glad you have them. Both my Great Great Uncles fought in WWI and my Great Uncle sold their stuff when mt Great Grandmother Died. Kurt
  5. I look for WWI Canadian groups to US Citizens and recently acquired this group. PTE Delana Duff was born in Wisconsin and raised in Michigan . He enlisted in Canada in May 1916. He was wounded and later died from his wounds on April 12, 1917 while serving with the 28th Canadian Bn at Vimy Ridge.
  6. Somehow I missed this ! I hope you do find that footage and would love to see it if you find it. I worked for an entire year to put all of his medals back together. They were split up overtime. They all came from Hawaii. I have tried for a few years to get a copy of the citation for his Silver Star from the Air Force. I have the others , but that one is missing. I can’t get a copy of his file yet from the archives because his discharge date needs to be more than 62 years ago. Kurt
  7. Very nice group Kyle. I'm guessing the year is wrong on his discharge concerning when he was wounded ( Nov 1945 ). Typo im sure. Kurt
  8. The Mexican border medal was numbered and traced to him, The #2 bidder of the lot actually owned the other traceable medal issued to him ( the NY CSC Medal) plus the WWI Purple Heart I posted earlier in this thread. The WWI Victory Medal also definitely his and the city/state medal may have been named to him too. In the world of medals a group like this is gold. The Purple Heart by itself in this case is at least a $1000 medal if not more. Keeping the whole group together would have made it even more valuable. The ID bracelet to him is very collectible being named to a AS Pilot.
  9. Keep in mind there were other items in the first auction other than the wing that influenced the $1000 price tag . It wasnt " all about the wing". The value of the rest of the items is actually more than the wing. Kurt
  10. My father-in -law had some of these. The Pearl Harbor Survivors Assn sold these in their Pearl Harbor Gram newsletters. I have his now. Kurt
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