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  1. Ssgt Wesley I Radcliffe 249th port company 6th Army Severed in the pacific the 3 campaigns he was in where the Bismarch Archipelago,Luzon and New Guinea He was the Stevedore foreman He was born in Brooklyn New York on May 17 1914
  2. Different news articles about Colonel Aide
  3. Col. Aide is buried at Arlington National Cemetery PLOT Section 54, Grave 2110
  4. Hi to all Trying to locate 3 medal to reunite with a usmc Good Conduct medal I have to Major Clifton l See If you have seen or have the medals please let me know Thank you Usmc Good conduct No 86902 Yangtze Service Medal #319 Usmc expeditionary service medal #5386
  5. Colonel George Day's ribbon bar Looking for information on this particular bar what time period was it made I was thinking late 70s early 80s and who made it Plus how many different ribbon bars did this guy have I have seen several different ones in photos
  6. I love hand embroidered ribbon bars and ultra thin style every one tells an amazing story just waiting to be read
  7. It's is finally framed what do you guys think? I love it I went with Museum Quality Glass it adds a nice touch less glare
  8. Thank you Is that poster presented at a different time than the Niagara falls one I thought they came together this is a local group Niagara Falls is about 10 miles from me the lady I got this from was her father-in-law she just turned 94 and still going but wanted it to be cared for she had no clue the posters went with them I saved thus group she is looking for more she found his rank and unit patch have not photoed them yet
  9. I also have his casket flag from his funeral
  10. Number on Medal and the two poster Niagara falls gave him
  11. Name Clayton Edward Gordon Purple Heart Number 9973 Rank Pvt Sn-124178 ED-9/25/1917 RD-5/29/1919 Last Unit-"B" Battery, 5th Field Artillery Reg 1st Infantry Division Overseas 1/12/1918-5/9/1919 Wounded severely 7/18/1918 Engagements Lorraine, Ansauville, oisi, montdidier, Soissons The date of his wound was the first day of the five day Battle of Soissons From Niagara Falls NY Have a lot of his original paperwork and 2 posters Purple Heart is made by BB&B
  12. Today 73 years ago Lt.col Adam Parsons was the co pilot of the first plane to fly over Normandy and drop paratroopers in to France to begin the invasion of Europe I was able to reunite the two different ribbon bars that were sold separately 5 years ago now I have bouth of the ones sold from his estate sale in 2012
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