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  1. Right as rain, Real. 80s- 90s era
  2. Tredhed, Thank You for the ID, that was the info needed as was looking in the wrong direction. All the Best, Rick
  3. Mort, I do not believe the Gentleman was in the Pacific. I figured that the patch is so similar to the 3 Army design, It was the same . The mystery continues. So the patch is for the 13th Artillery Bn?
  4. This bullion patch was in a group to a US Army Driver in the 3rd Army in WW2. This patch was in the group along with a bullion 3rd Army and a 20th Corps on twill. Can not find out what unit this is. I would assume its an artillery unit with the 3rd Army. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. #9 is West German Army School patch, not a big seller
  6. Not Polish Guard, their uniforms were like any other military unit, ie regulation . No way would they wear a foreign National Insignia on the front of their helmet. A Nation at that time did not exist ( Polish Republic). My Father was a DP after the war and joined the Polish Guard. They wore helmet liners with CG painted on front. The NCOs and Officers were US Army. Their uniform was US Army Ike style dyed Dark Blue, the insignia was a patch of the #ed Guard unit , later they had the GTCC insignia, the originals being bullion worn over left pocket. Interesting that Military members were allow
  7. Outstanding. Always suspicious when sellers post dark pictures, but in this case, this one is a winner. How does the bore look?
  8. My guess is post war ocuppation era. I have one (not military) that has typical Japanese landscape that is copper base that is blacken like yours, it is a work of art.
  9. T, That answers my question.The above pictured wings are the majority of wings I have found in groupings .Good to know. The surprising thing to me is how little is written on these wings and how scarce info on them is online. When trying to find info on the logo on my original posted wing, found tons of backside pictures of British mfg wings but hardly any US wings. Thanks so much for the info. and all the fantastic pictures of your wings.
  10. Can you post a closer pic of your wing, from what I can see there are clear differences such as placement marking of the area for pin catch( Yours is much larger and closer to outside edge of wing),thickness of the areas of hollow, and alinement of details.
  11. T, Thanks for the info on the marked para wings ,it does appear that hollow backed,at least US mfg marked ,were made in WW2. I quess I should have been more clear but what about just the US issue sterling marked wings? For every mfg. marked wing there are 10 just sterling marked ones. I remember years ago there were some that said that insiced sterling marks were post war or outright fakes. Just trying to figure out if the hollow back group think is correct,or just current urban legend.
  12. Looking at the reverse of the clutch back wings, the hollow area of the shoulder goes all the way to the canopy ,mine does not .So again do not believe is from the same die.
  13. T, I can see at first glance they do appear the same but do see some differences that I believe they are not the same die. The senior wing,on the reverse where the shroud lines converge is square rather than coming to a point. On the master,the reverse canopy is a curved line rather than straight . Not to argue that my wing is not a post war, just do not believe they are from the same die. Why did Gemsco make so many different styles is anyone's guess. My reason to ask about the hollow back wings is that in my search for that particular hallmark, I read on a few sites that made the
  14. Here is a wing that I picked up and cannot find this hallmark anywhere. My question is it a WW2 era wing? In my search for the hallmark I read in a few places that only solid back para wings are WW2 era. Is that true? Thanks in advance
  15. Back in the late 80s I purchased a clutchback sterling Glider badge from the Ft. Monroe clothing sales. If memory serves correctly there were 2 more gliders, but they were not sterling so I did not buy. All three were in NS Meyer blue/white packaging. So Yes, the badges were available at post exchanges in the late 1980s.
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