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  1. OK- some of you got carried away displaying your collections!! The rest of us are too embarrassed to post pictures now!
  2. Very Nice collection and well displayed!
  3. Forgive my spelling in the title post :wacko:
  4. Finally getting around to posting pictures of our Military History display this past Memorial Day at our local American Legion we shared the event with Quilts of Valor program who presented a dozen Quilts that day.
  5. The first Photo clearly is of a different camp then the other two or at least of a different area of the camp ( the barracks or buildings are not shown in Aerial photo)? The Photo states the photo is of a German PW camp. This first photo maybe a possible photo of the controversial Camps called by some as "Eisenhower's Death Camps" set up at the end of the war. A thought only -but something to research??
  6. OK Stop- you are putting us old guys to shame!! All kidding aside very, very nice display and some quality items. Thanks for Sharing!!
  7. LOVE IT!! Great Job! Sorry to see you felt the need to rope it off- but understand. I will be doing a display on Memorial Day in partnership with the Local Quilts of Valor Program. So it helps to see how others have done their displays for ideas and thoughts. Again Well Done!!
  8. Good Score- Probably never find any earlier date than that.
  9. As always you did another great display- good job!
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