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  1. Yes, I had personal information displayed on almost all of the uniforms. The "Lady" was a mother of a friends of ours and the family is quite well known in the local small community.
  2. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed the handful of photos- we also had a large display board with trivia questions on it, that was a show pleaser as well.
  3. This was a bit of a eye catcher for many, she was a local veteran who past away this year at a 103, she was a Hospital Dietician in England during the WW2.
  4. I just wanted to share this years Veterans Day History Exhibit I put on with help of the family at the American Legion here locally. We had a great crowd in excess of 250 people during the day. We also had a great write up in the local paper that made the front page at the top. So super excited on the event and had tons of positive feed back.
  5. Yes, we have a Veterans Day History exhibit we set up every year locally at the American Legion Hall. We start set up tomorrow and usually takes 6 plus hours to do with a 6 family members helping. Looks like your doing a good job!!
  6. The Crickets are awfully loud!! 😄 Nobody Knows??
  7. Would anyone know what SSI the 34th General Hospital unit stationed at Stockbridge, England during the fall of 1944 would have worn on their uniform? THX!
  8. OK- some of you got carried away displaying your collections!! The rest of us are too embarrassed to post pictures now!
  9. Very Nice collection and well displayed!
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