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  1. In her 1945 her MOS is shown as 213 (stenographer).
  2. I believe they were assigned a separate block. I have two such tags in my collection. The seller is a highly knowledgeable tag collector here on the forum.
  3. The lack of any patina, the brand new condition, and the incorrect date make me think it’s a fantasy piece that someone didn’t do enough research on. Could be wrong of course
  4. I have a couple pairs of tags with this style of stamping as well. One set is to a first Cav WWII vet, the other was a medic in the PTO.
  5. Did a quick check on ancestry and it was indeed LST 496
  6. Unfortunately the article was clipped short when I posted it, but you still get the meat and potatoes of it.
  7. Allan, its quite possible this man and your grandfather crossed paths at some point during the war. He was with Battery D of the 17th Field Artillery.
  8. You can either post his name here or PM it to me and I’d be happy to research him for you.
  9. Very nice! I’m a Connecticut guy as well. You can always stop by my place and maybe leave it here
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