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  1. hey thanks guys for the pics. ill add them to my dad's file. he never talked about it like most vets. when i came back from Nam i tried many times to engage him but he just refused to talk. he's gone now so ive had to find a lot of this stuff myself. and now from you. and my mom who passed away last year. i was told the Philly pulled out of Pearl Harbor just a few days before the attack, my dad enlisted the day after Pearl but had to get permission from his dad cause he was only 17. it created a heated argument amoung family members !!! one of his reunions. year unknown
  2. A search team of dedicated volunteers is reporting a startling discovery in the murky waters of Palau in the South Pacific: two wreck sites that may contain the remains of three World War II American airmen missing for 70 years. The nonprofit BentProp Project found the sites last month. For years they have been searching crash sites for hundreds of American servicemen shot down by the Japanese over Palau in 1944 and 1945. Before now their searches helped locate and recover the remains of eight MIAs. story bet that's hot and dirty work
  3. I was with the 7th fleet in Nam when she blew up she was the USN's first angle deck carrier with steam cats
  4. probably discussed elsewhere on the forum. today I found a video that shows the complexity of this weapon. amazing technology here. its technical and about 21 mins long. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLfHU8tiHBk they knew something about the weather we didn't. the jet stream. they were assembled by school children.
  5. 19 feb 45 Marines storm ashore at Iwo Jima
  6. I can't read German anyway. it's graphic enough. but soon the hunter became the hunted.
  7. how bout a 3D of the enola gay??? http://www.davidpalermo.com/data/slideshow/18/enolagay/index.html
  8. there's another part to this story. the recovery of 2 engine components. a valve and a rocker arm. PBS investigates http://www.pbs.org/opb/historydetectives/investigation/the-niihau-incident/
  9. intersting story. has to do with Pearl Harbor. the Japanese told their pilots if they can't make it back to the fleet to head for an uninhabited island called Niihau. land, and a sub would pick them up. they were attacked by US warplanes on their way back. this is about a zero pilot named Shigenori Nishikaichi who was forced to to fly to Niihau because of battle damage. including a punchered fuel tank. when he and another pilot arrived they were surpised to find the island was inhabited. by unfriendly natives who kept all foreigners out strickly taboo. known as the forbidden island Niihau is
  10. Truman trip to Potsdam August 1945 - Philadelphia escorted the Augusta with President Truman aboard to the Potsdam Conference On the return trip one day out of Norfolk, Truman reported the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. more photos here: http://www.brigs.us/Phila/Escorting-Truman.htm
  11. from George Patton. the Philly's squadron provided gunfire support on his drive across Sicily he was scheduled to take they Philly back home at war's end. but......
  12. not long ago I found out my late dad's cruiser, the USS Philadelphia collided with the USS Laub during this fight. in an effort to avoid bombs falling from German dive bombers these ships, including transports, maneuvered at high speeds to avoid getting hit. the Laub was a destroyer which we call tin cans. so my dad's ship was then called the can opener. his cruiser retired to Malta for repairs. I would have to do research to find out what happened to the Laub, but i think she survived. I found out 2 died on the Laub. the Philly made it to Malta and was refitted with a bow from an English ship
  13. not sure if it was his son or grand son who was a B-2 pilot at whiteman AFB. which is not far from me. I remember col Tibbbets came here to visit him. whiteman is the home of the B-2. its the 509th. same Tibbets sr http://www.whiteman.af.mil/
  14. I live in Missouri in the KC area. MO had 100's of minute men missile silo's all over the state. the movie the day after (1983) was based on a nuke attack of kansas City and televised nationally
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