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  1. Yeah, the France clasp together with the battle clasps is a no go for the WW1 Victory medal. But this is what you get 90 years after the regulations were written. Nowadays the credo with tge DoD is, the more bling the better...... I would remove the France clasp. But the choice is yours as you remember your granddad. Regards Herman
  2. I can just repeat what many collectors allready said. It's a great book and I am still reading and studying it today. Unfortunately for me not much PH's to photograph here in the Netherlands, so no meet and greet with the author. 😊 Regards to you Dave. Herman
  3. You nailed it.! ! Especially the lack of "World war I" on the box started the mix up. Not all military personell are experts on decorations. Some don't care at all. Thanks and regarde Herman
  4. Great story GIJoe. I hope you will receive them. Regards Herman
  5. Very interesting topic. Thanks for sharing. Herman
  6. All modern era. I see ribbons of awards instituted in the 80-ties. The maker stamping showing on some backsides is also current. Regards Herman
  7. And now back to the original question by GIJoe. I don't think there were additional conditions for this medal. I never read about a qualifying period (30 days?, 3 months?) or other stipulations. The medal itself was instituted in 1941. The veterans themselves could apply for the medal. As a lot of WW2 campaign medals were produced after WW2 due to material restrictions. So, I wonder when they actually received this medal? Perhaps someone else of our forum friends can answer this. Interesting question GIJoe. Oh and regarding the other discussion. I know of a lot of (ex)soldiers who are asking for their medals. And as a Dutchman looking at the US awards system I see medals, awards, insignia etc,. who have to be applied for by the future recipiënt. For example all pre WW1 Purple Hearts and Silver Star medals. If you didn't request them as a WW1 vet, you never got them. Regards Herman
  8. Thanks FFZFlyer, great info. Considering the numbers issued in WW2 to enlisted personell, a large monthly stipend was cancelled in 1949 by the Government. Regards Herman
  9. And again, wow..! Ultra rare I support. Regards Herman
  10. Good evening (at least here in Europe). Is there a website or another source were one can find the General Orders of the post WW2 Legion of Merits? I own a named LoM issued to a Dutch Airforce Colonel. It was issued in 1977. It would be very nice to have the GO. Regards Herman
  11. Whoah, as a recepient of a DSC, do you get extra pay? I know that for a MoH you get it. But a DSC? Thinking it through, are there more US medals which gives you an allowance? I don't want to hijack this thread, bus this is an interesting twist. Regards Herman
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