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  1. Thanks for showing. Interesting idea to show off uniforms, an idea if someone has no place for a puppet.
  2. NOticed the rebuilding of the collection at the Airborne Museum Hartenstein, looks great with the walk-in glider there and the new system. Was there for several times witht the old displays - and it was great!
  3. Years go I found in the Bavarian War Archive reports dealing with the planing of operation Husky, with informations about material needed, planing of assault and much more. Now I could print some pictures for this report. Thanks!!
  4. Great find! Congratulation!
  5. With good luck I could made pictures of this one, still in Bavarian Police Service, with the Police holster. It seems it was one of the guns given to the new build Police in 1945 in the American Zone of Occupation. Thought they where out of service since a long time, but this one ist still in service at Hof/Bavaria as the gun of a dog-handler.
  6. The new form looks great. Was there 4 years ago and visited the now "old" exhibition. Like the puppets in the new one. It seems some european museums are now back with new style, for instance the airborne museum at the Hartenstein Hotel at Arnhem.
  7. Wish I could visit at this day the events at the invasion coast in France.
  8. Hello in this forum!! Helmets are a field of collection for itself. In Germany are US helmets a common item bacause of the american forces here. Backtheattack
  9. Thank`s for your information about this. As I told, never seen one here in Europe.
  10. Found this on ebay, it reads interesting, but I couldn`t found anything about it. Looks like the regular cavalry bandolier but for grenades? What did you mean? Backtheattack http://www.ebay.com/itm/WW2-U-S-Army-Issue-Gas-Grenade-Bandolier-Experimental-J-Q-M-D-1942-Un-issued-/190719986483?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c67cc0b33
  11. Because of only 150kb of pictures the rest here
  12. Read the posts dealing with the KABAR Knife and decide to post the one in my collection. Seems to be a late war one
  13. Great pics and information, thank you. Another timeline in american history I didn`t noticed.
  14. A museum dealing with the time after the war. The museum is in private hand. Verein für Deutsch-Amerikanische Nachkriegsgeschichte e.V 97535 Wasserlosen OT Rütschenhausen Am Trieb 15 Germany If you will visit the area around Schweinfurt in Bavaria it is a very interesting museum. A lot of uniforms, but also an M-48 tank, howitzer, M-151 MUTT, M-113 and much more. Backtheattack
  15. Gil, no problem. Thought you might be interested in a view at the museum and the great bunker where the guns are in. Here are some pictures from american staff there.
  16. Hopefully I can visit this great museum one day, the displays are great!!
  17. Musée du Mur de l'Atlantique Batterie Todt 62179 Audinghen/France http://www.batterietodt.com/ A very interesting museum near the Pas de Calais. It`s in a former german heavy artillery bunker which gave the name. On display uniforms, equipment, weapons from all countries who fight in the European Theater during World War II. They show off one of two german K-5 railway-guns (the second one is at Aberdeen), but in bad condition. If the weather is good you could have a look at Dover at the other side of the chanel. Backtheattack
  18. It`s a great museum wich so much staff you need your time during visit - sometimes you fell hit by all the items. There are so much good museums in the Ardennes dealing with the Battle of the Bulge. And it`s always interesting to see in which form museums outside Germany work. German museums - not all but the state ones - are today "political correct"
  19. Brian Keith, it`s a state "museums place", this means they have no money for artifacts. I`ve seen more of them in private collections than in this state museums place, too. Some of the official pictures came in 2012 with a special exhibition at different german courts, for instance I visited this little exhibition at the court at Hof, Bavaria. Only pictures without any stories or explanation of the pictures.
  20. jgawne, the belt and holsters are painted white. There are some other pictures dealing with this theme on which you could have a better view on it. There are some such items in german collections, a friend of mine has one of this belts, clear painted.
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