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  1. Hey Manny, wonderfull work! Wish I could paint figures like you do. Congratulation!
  2. Great! Like your Ranger Advisor.
  3. A great display. More pics, please.
  4. Great collection. Well done on display!
  5. Great uniform and equipment mannequin. Looks very good. Thanks for the pic of your standing.
  6. Great start. As you said - a collection room changes during the times.
  7. Hello Dave, welcome to the forum. Great you remember your family
  8. Bad to hear he passed away. Rest in peace. Very well done model remembering a great plane - and great soldiers who ride them.
  9. Great work. Like this artillery piece.
  10. Great items, especially the japanese items you own. It`s always great to see both sides of a fight.
  11. Great items, like the way for display it.
  12. Great collection of interesting items. Thank`s for sharing.
  13. Great display. And very nice items in your collection.
  14. Great idea. And easy to do. Thank you for this!
  15. A very nice collection, and a nice room.
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