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  1. Hello Ken, welcome to the forum. Good luck for your new collection, what kind will it be?
  2. Looks very good. Great idea.
  3. Hello Stefan, welcome back. As my grandmother said: "In Not und Trübsal nicht verzage, es kommen wieder bessere Tage"!
  4. Phil, thank`s for showing. As you said, Happy Easter to everybody, and stay safe in this time.
  5. Hello Tommy, welcome to the forum! Wish you a nice time here.
  6. Great, thank you very much. Bavaria is in the third week now at home.... terrible for economy, and for a lot of people without salary, too.
  7. Great tank! Wish I could visit the museum.
  8. Hello Rick, welcome to the forum! East German is a theme it bring me back to my youth, living then only 8 kilometres away from the iron curtain.
  9. Hello Michele, welcome to the forum! What`s your interest? Northern Italy, your pic let me think about the mountain war there in WW1. Wish you a nice time here.
  10. Hello Peter, welcome to the forum!
  11. Hello and welcome to the forum. Both helmets are great ones.
  12. The town of Hof is in northern Bavaria/Germany, the 90th Recon found an intact bridge south of Blankenstein near the town of Lichtenberg while marching south from the town of Lobenstein, Lichtenberg was the first town to fall in american hands at the afternoon April 13., 1945, because of the high ground on which this town is, there was a artillery unit which could easily fire at the rivers underneath. The next day the 358th Regiment was at Issigau and Berg where the unit cut the Highway 9 from Nürnberg to Berlin. At April 15., 1945, the town of Hof falls to the 358th Regiment. I`m still
  13. While searching for informations I can use for a little book dealing with the end of World War II in my area in April 13. to April 16. 1945 with special interest in the route of the 90th and 26th Division a good friend gave me this map, printed in 1944.
  14. While visiting a special exhibition at the local museum I noticed this nutcracker which was build in 1992 by the saxonian firm "Hodrewa" remembering Desert Storm. The camo looks more than the german army desert camo, but the figure clearly shows off US patch and rank.
  15. Hello and welcome to the forum! Wish I can visit St. Malo because I`m a collector of 83rd division items with some items from veterans. Fighting at St.Malo and Dinard is an interesting theme.
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