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  1. Hello Tylbor, welcome to the forum!
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum! Wish you a nice time here.
  3. Hello Lee, welcome to the forum! Nice collection.
  4. Hello and welcome to the forum!
  5. Nice collection. Like the Bolo.
  6. Great items! Like the Aspirin. Seldom seen in a collection.
  7. Hello and welcome! Let`s see your collection.
  8. Yes, hope I can visit. First I had not enough money for a trip, and now?? Restrictions for travel, for going out your own house without reason. And it seems first time I can plan anything will be in 2021.
  9. Nick, you`re welcome. Started in 1988 when meeting the first US soldiers from Military Police Units and the well-known Oktoberfest, and Old Glory waves still over my ground.
  10. Another great video. As you said I hope to visit the area one day.
  11. Great room, and a great collection. Thank you for posting. Books are always a backbone of a collection.
  12. Hello Nick, great items! Welcome to the forum!
  13. Hello and welcome to the forum! Wish you a nice time here. Northern Europe? Sweden, Norway??
  14. Hello Ken, welcome to the forum. Good luck for your new collection, what kind will it be?
  15. Looks very good. Great idea.
  16. Hello Stefan, welcome back. As my grandmother said: "In Not und Trübsal nicht verzage, es kommen wieder bessere Tage"!
  17. Phil, thank`s for showing. As you said, Happy Easter to everybody, and stay safe in this time.
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