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  1. Great guns and equipment. Congratulation
  2. Great! Never seen such dummy ammo
  3. Hello, and greetings to Sydney. Wish you a nice time here
  4. Has this sewing kit for several years in my collection. Corona gave me time for cleaning and examination of my items, in this kit with some regular items like suture and others I found a german oiler from a gun cleaning kit, a brush and a shortened and rebuild cleaning chain. Not useable for a rifle, but I think it will be work in a Thompson, M3 or a Colt1911.
  5. Hello and welcome to the forum! Sometimes there could be remarkable work about an item you own.
  6. Hello and welcome to the forum! Think you will have a nice time here.
  7. Hello and welcome to the forum. There are much bayonet collectors here, so I think you will find answers for your questions. Have a nice time.
  8. Interesting find. Often you need other collectors while searching what you have.
  9. Is this the exhibition you talked about: https://apostel-gelsenkirchen.de/index.php?id=129
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