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  1. Hello Eddie, welcome to the forum! Wish you a nice time here.
  2. Great grouping. The 45th was at Bamberg in April 1945, not far away of my home.
  3. I like such finds. Wish I could find one here.
  4. Hello Bobby! Sorry I`ve no answer to your questions, but wish to say hello!
  5. Great vehicle. Had seen one at the german-american festival Grafenwöhr in 2018.
  6. Interesting vehicle. Great if anyone own one.
  7. Great items! Of special interest for my own is his cigarette case with the town of Hof and Selb marked on the US Occupation Zone 1948. More common is the town of Bayreuth south of both.
  8. Very interesting, thank you for your response. As I said I didn`t know they start at wartime. Have a modern one bible from them, given during my shooltime. Did a little research, the "Bierbrauerei Interlaken" is in Switzerland, Brewery Rubenbräu at the "Berner Oberland".
  9. In the middle of your pic, is this a new testament from the "Gideons"? Think I notice their sign, the amphora. Don`t know this organisations starts at wartime.
  10. Great uniform find! Congratulation!
  11. Looks great, your own museum!
  12. Great! Had seen a complete set in a german museum years ago, very interesting.
  13. Hello and welcome to the forum! Don`t be shy, your english is not bad. It`s always good to see both sides of an armed conflict.
  14. Hello and welcome to the forum! Interested in all military things? Think there is something at your special interest, area, nation, tanks, rifles, or something else. What is you main interest?
  15. Great! Like your guns, and your collection around. Any more pics of your showcase?
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