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  1. Had seen some of this at pics, personalisized weapons, most of them to protect a pic of the loved girlfriend or wife. Remember a picture of a former german 08 with such grips, but couldn`t found the pic.
  2. Great find, and in very good condition. Congratulations!
  3. Hello Eddie, welcome to the forum! Wish you a nice time here.
  4. Great grouping. The 45th was at Bamberg in April 1945, not far away of my home.
  5. I like such finds. Wish I could find one here.
  6. Hello Bobby! Sorry I`ve no answer to your questions, but wish to say hello!
  7. Great vehicle. Had seen one at the german-american festival Grafenwöhr in 2018.
  8. Interesting vehicle. Great if anyone own one.
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