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  1. Morrocan goumiers were issued old m1917a1 helmets and American webbing during ww2. They were also known to camo paint their helmets in tan or a 2 color scheme. this helmet possibly saw use with Moroccan troops and the Brown name inside of the helmet is from a previous issue. Here is a link to a photo of a morrocan clearly wearing an m1917a1 https://www.pinterest.com/pin/182255116144355113/
  2. The foreign country contract could be correct. I have owned 3 of them. All 3 I bought from junk shops while stationed in South Korea
  3. From speaking with a few Korean war vets. I was told some had tailor made covers fabricated from old utility uniforms.
  4. Haha no way the town next to me is Hawthorne NJ
  5. Looks good to me, this looks just like one of the variations of vehicle nets that were often cut up to make helmet covers especially with the 3rd ID and other units. The vehicle nets I have had are very bulky and thick. Sent from my SM-J727V using Tapatalk
  6. Looks like a Vietnam era repaint to me, I've seen that exact color on alot of reissued ww2 m1 helmets.
  7. Anyone else notice the buckle on the chin straps has an anchor mark which is specific to 1960s hardware. Looks like repro straps using post war hardware.
  8. Thanks very much gents! I guess I was just being paranoid at how clean it is.
  9. Hello everyone, What does everyone think about this m1c shell? It appears to be absolutely mint which concerns me that it is possibly repainted, however there seems to be cardboard or paper still stuck to some spots of the shell. It is a McCord made helmet with an M prefix. My other concern that makes me worry it was repainted is the odd paint splotches on the inside. Or it Looks like possibly the sprayer was malfunctioning. Either way I'm not used to seeing helmets this mint so I was just wanting some opinions. Thanks all! Sent from my SM-J727V using Tapatalk
  10. Yup Justin is right, P stamped straps, whether regular infantry or airborne are all post Vietnam.
  11. The previously shared liner has thicker woven off white materials, the base is a ww2 U.S surplus liner with hbt weave webbing and front eyelet. Multiple zig zag reinforcements on the kidney shaped yoke. French parkerized/chemical washed A washers attaching the field expedient yoke.Although there is some variety of different manufactured yokes all of the different varieties (3 I believe) were manufactured in just a very few tailor shops and conform to eachother, much like the original one posted. If you take your liner out is there a front eyelet?
  12. Also, for the French market these are the most heavily faked helmets out there from this period. For collectors of French indochina, the Troupes Aeroportees Extreme Orient modified helmets are like M2 D bail helmets. Finding an original one is like finding the holy grail, unfortunately the market is flooded with so many good fakes out there.
  13. The weave of the liner should be HBT not the canvas type pictured, even the French webbing was HBT, looks like someone took a very salty p55 airborne liner with the factory yokes removed and added the indochina yokes. The m1c snap also looks like it was made from a p55 liner. The French never received such liners, as they were produced too late for indochina. Even if it was a rewebbed one by the French the webbing would still have the French HBT webbing. Also the band appears to be a one made from NOS 60s or 70s material, all examples I have seen that still had the band were ww2 surplus m44 ba
  14. It is almost certainly a fake. The yokes look identical to a run my friend made years ago out of original French materials. The liner also appears to be a P55 type made with olive green canvas webbing which the French never received, all of their liners were of ww2 surplus.
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