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  1. Thank you guys. I really appreciate all your input here.
  2. The seller told me it's a post war beret with repro SF flash but I think it is a local made NAG beret. Any opinion on it? Thanks a lot.
  3. Great addition to your SF collection. Any information on when merrow edge subdued color SSI was adopted? late 60s or early 70s?
  4. So the one I have is the single grommet type similar to the one you posted.
  5. Really nice cap Owen. Only several of those are left in collectors' hands?
  6. Thank you Owen and Andrei. I feel so lucky to own one of these. I totally agree with Owen that painted ARVN BDQ helmets are very very rare. Too many fakes makes collectors think real ones as fake.
  7. Great helmet! A lot Vietnam militaria collectors always say they would never trust a painted ARVN BDQ helmet. Comparing to Anton's and Owen's luxury helmets, my helmet looks poor.
  8. Great photos for reference! Thank you gurus!
  9. Thank you for sharing this set of fantastic tiger and hope to see more from the Ben Baker collection.
  10. When I look it again I found the small red letter tag is a little different. Has anyone seen a similar tag sewed into a loop?
  11. I like the small white tag with red M. If it is a repro I think it is the best repro I have ever seen. If it is a real one does anyone else have a similar one? If stitch loops on the brim are less dense it will look more comfortable.
  12. how much did you pay for that? It is still a nice one for your children to wear when fishing. This is my boonie made from some "crappy cloth".
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