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  1. Nice find Troy! Hope all is well. Scott
  2. Thanks for that info, you are correct and it appears from the unit history that this dates back to the interwar period and stems from service in the Mexican War. I appreciate the help! Scott
  3. Looks like your guy wasn't in the 7th ID. Scott "The 153rd, along with the 206th Coast Artillery Regiment arrived in Alaska in August 1941.[85] The 1st and 3rd Battalions were posted to Annette Island and Seward, Nome and Yakutat, Alaska. The 2nd Battalion was stationed on Umnak Island, west of Dutch Harbor and took part in the occupation of Adak Island and the assault on Kiska.[86] 15 August 1943, part of the Aleutian Islands Campaign. The Japanese had secretly abandoned Kiska only days before the invasion by U.S. forces. The recapture of Kiska brought the Aleutian Islands campaig
  4. Hi, I received a bunch of these today with a large grouping of WWII items. The vet was stationed at Ft. Richardson Alaska from 42-44 and Ft. Benning Georgia from 44-45. He was a rifleman and a postal clerk... Seems to me I have seen these on Canadian uniforms, so my questions is are they Canadian? Did the US use them for something and if so, what? They came in various sizes and some are unsewn. Here are two of them. Thanks for any help! Scott
  5. Very nice cross and to an esteemed unit as well, thanks for sharing. Scott
  6. Yes, they are pretty small at about 15 feet long and 6 feet tall. Room for 3 litters in the back with one suspended on straps above the other two. Weighs about 1800 lbs. Thanks for the kind words! Scott
  7. I have a Honduras used set at the museum from 1990 and I personally wore them as part of the 5th Infantry Division (Mech) at Ft. Polk Louisiana in 1987. As a side note, I was with 35th Signal in Iraq in 2003. Scott
  8. Thank you all so much, we appreciate the support. Still more to do but she is coming together nicely. Scott
  9. Thanks to you all for the kind words. I will pass them along and will try to update this post as we add the accessories. Scott
  10. Michigan's Military Heritage Museum has come to the finishing stages of our 1917 Ford Model T Ambulance restoration. This has been a 3 year project that started with an idea and a lot of research and computer design. Help was given by other collectors as well as the Henry Ford Museum Benson Ford Library Archives and of course our dedicated donors and volunteers. The ambulance is a true 1917 chassis and motor that has been rebuilt completely so it looks almost factory new! All thats left are some accessories such as the spare tire and tools which we have. We also have a set of flags and th
  11. Amazing grouping Robin! Would love to add it to Michigan's Military Heritage Museum if you ever part with it. Scott
  12. Here it is on the Soulis site as well. Scott http://dirksoulisauctions.com/2020/04/17/important-military-history-jack-angolia-collection
  13. Soulis Auctions in Kansas City. Interestingly, they have a video tour of the collection with Jack and he is carefully pointing out several items that were added to uniforms etc... Perhaps he learned a small lesson? Scott
  14. This is interesting and shows what a small world we live in. My Grandmother was the first roller derby queen in history. She is pictured below with her partner. When derby was established it was a mileage/endurance race, the miles from NY to San Francisco I believe. Her Father Fred Martin was the world champion speed skater for many years and is an icon in roller skating history. If Mr. Kelly was a speed skater he would almost certainly have had to skate against my Great Grandfather, especially for a title and most especially as Fred operated the White City Rink in Chicago. Scott
  15. Once had a Platoon SGT from the Philippines, one day we get word of an FTX and he says :gear up boys, we are going to where the deer and canteloupe play" I think of this when I sometimes watch NCIS and the character Ziva says things wrong. Had to organize a special convoy in Iraq in 03 as I had a soldier at a remote site drop his false teeth in a porta john... Can't make that up! Scott
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