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  1. Once had a Platoon SGT from the Philippines, one day we get word of an FTX and he says :gear up boys, we are going to where the deer and canteloupe play" I think of this when I sometimes watch NCIS and the character Ziva says things wrong. Had to organize a special convoy in Iraq in 03 as I had a soldier at a remote site drop his false teeth in a porta john... Can't make that up! Scott
  2. I had a tan band in 90-91, it was issued to me at Ft. McCoy WI prior to deployment and it has my name embroidered on it. So, yes they did exist, though as most stated here, the green band is what is normally seen with the 90-91 PASGT helmets. Scott
  3. I am on episode three and am wondering if its bad to think that the most likable and perhaps the most normal person on the show is a self admitted dug dealer? Some stuff you just can't make up! Scott
  4. Greg, very sorry to hear of the passing of your Father. I am very near to you in Grass Lake and I run the Michigan Military Heritage Museum. If we can be of any assistance for your Fathers memorial, please do not hesitate to ask. Our very first exhibit as you walk in is of an 82nd man from Ann Arbor/Chelsea. If you would like to use the museum for the service we would be honored and proud to help. Condolences, Scott.
  5. I can 100% guarantee that the Field Marshall board, worm only by Saddam Hussein is not the "real deal"...Real deal examples like this in other ranks certainly exist, but to be certain one needs to find examples where the stars within the eagles are present, the ends of the boards are double stitched and the quality is just better. Here is a real Air Force Colonel. The only difference between this and the Army is the blue color background. Scott
  6. These are made for the souvenir market.... It is possible they are late made (2000-2003) for the Iraqi army, but as already mentioned, these were sold by AAFES mounted on cardboard as souvenirs. A sort of post war cottage industry. Iraqi ranks from before that time are actually nice quality embroidered. Scott
  7. Hello all, I am wondering if this may be a stable frock? It has flat instead of domed buttons and was made in Detroit. The buttons are stamped "quality" and something else, I need to be able to lift one better to read them. Came out of a military collection at a local museum. Thanks for any thoughts. Scott
  8. I always watched with my Grandparents. Grandpa was an Army Infantryman in the PTO early on and he loved the show! I own it on dvd for the memories and the entertainment. I agree about not debating the accuracy, it entertained and it got a lot of us into collecting, so it did its job. Thanks for the memories Robert Conrad, say hello to the real Pappy! Scott
  9. We have done this for years at our museum. We just buy a long dowel and a long sheet of decent 8" x 8" wood. Then we attach them as you have shown and stain them. Much cheaper than the pre fab stuff and still looks great, just square instead of round. We also use a thin dowel, the same base and an oval type block at the top for caps and such that we don't put on heads. Works great for garrison caps. Scott
  10. Looks like I still need to work on the settings Scott
  11. Here are a few pics of illiniganders grenade. Sorry for the delay I had to figure out a couple of things with a new camera... Scott
  12. Really neat the way they were issued by parish. As a young man from Michigan getting stationed at Ft. Polk, learning about parishes and Louisiana law was quite a culture shock! That said, I wouldn't trade those memories and that experience for anything. Thanks for sharing more notes. Scott
  13. Very nice, my museum is not far from Williamston at all. Great to see some of our Michigan history out there. Scott
  14. Really great David! Love to see that history being saved. Scott
  15. The acronym LSM is for Landing Ship Medium and we just received some items from an LSM sailor a few weeks ago Illinigander. Remind me about that the next time you are in. Scott
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