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  1. Seeing that there isn't one pictured in this post, here's mine.
  2. Southern Athletics with the common print. Bugger I have to struggle to get pictures up here due to size restrictions!
  3. Thank you Michael and all on this thread for this info as I'm trying to complete my 43 Forrest green set. Sorry for the side ways photo, something I can't fix!
  4. Deffo looks to be factory made no stamps Cheers for your reply Mate
  5. G'day All, This is one reversible type I've had for roughly 30 years and has suffered a bit during my teenage years! I've never been sure if it was US issued due to the unusual woodlands pattern? anyway this one was accuired the 80's
  6. Thank you most kindly Patches This is now my top shelf VN Jacket
  7. Cheers Mate Thanks for the info
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