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  1. Do have a look at the link provided, the site gives information, and pictures of the work being done. So far, CK has been finish painted and once all of the sub assemblies are painted, it will be put on a dolly so that the suspension components may be reinstalled. then on from there until completion. The goal is not to completely restore CK to functional status, only to show it external appearance as it was in Bastogne, and the interior as it was after being knocked out, with the resultant fire damage.
  2. Here are some links to videos I captured on a visit to Cobra King.
  3. You might also try the Patton Museum, they have one in their collection, and are a good resource for research information.Google their web site.
  4. As far as I've heard, is that anything in place at a closing Post was moved to one not being closed. Cobra King ended up at Vilsek, so maybe the others have as well. There would be little difficulty selling them into the collector market if that is possible.
  5. The only reference I have for using reversed bullets is for use against loop hole plates used by snipers, and occasionally for use against armor. The effect expected was to cause spalling of the interior face of the plate, sending flakes towards those behind it.
  6. Here is a pic of Cobra King out side of our Barracks 3/37th armored at Ferris Barracks Erlangen Germany It looks fine on the outside, but is rusty and scorched inside, and missing its engine
  7. Would seem to be an A3, it has the wind direction sensor top rear on turret roof. The A1 didn't have the grenade dischargers,or wind sensor, and the A2( Not to be confused with the A1-E2) didnt have the wind sensor. The Starship[ version with the Gun/Launcher, and fancy Turret was originally called the A1-E2, but took up the A2 designation at some point (all very confusing to this old tanker, I started on plain M-60's)
  8. Cobra King was a monument on my unit's parade field. I'm surprised it took so long to get it back home.
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