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  1. Hello! Sorry it took so long time before I saw this an give you an answer! This model of bayonets were made in the late sixties. Ment to be fixed on a trench shotgun. Made by two Contractors: Genral Cutlery in Ohio, and the long branch factory in Quebec Canada. Regards Arvid
  2. Another newcomer in my collection is this M1917 bayonet made by General Cutlery. My main field in collection is edged weapons from WW2, but I could not let this pass when I have the opportunity to buy it. Hope you like it also. Regards Arvid
  3. Looks like I am on a roll with nice marked M1 bayonets these days. This Oneida marked came in to day. Probably modified by Pal Company. Hope you like it. Regards Arvid
  4. Thanks for info and nice comments guys! Glad you liked my bayonets. Best regards Arvid
  5. The OL bayonet is marked C.L. on ricasso. Hope you like them.
  6. The markings! It is the WT bayonet which is stamped UFH on the tang.
  7. Hello Gents! Have not posted here in a long time, but after the weekends gunshow I finally found something wort showing! Well at least !hope they are wort showing. I belive both are genuine but you never know in these days! Comments are welcome. Regards Arvid
  8. Wow! Rarly seen so many M4 and M6 at one place! Both, wood and rubber handles it looks like? Will never find those in my corner of the world. Very Nice items!
  9. Yes! I now this is an old tread, but this was the best place for me too show you my Corpsman bag. This one was found in a Norwegian military depot and has been in my Collection for some years. Hope you like it. Best Regards Vinland
  10. As far as I know, they do not use full maker name on these knives before after WW2. These knives and probably yours also were made in the sixties and seventies Best Regards Vinland
  11. And finally markings on scabbard. I belive this also is made during ww2, but you never know in this hobby. Hope you like it. Best regards Vinland
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