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    Genealogy and military research. I do quite a bit of research for my father in law on items he collects. Patches and other items of military interest, Sweetheart pillows. I collect Sweetheart Jewelry.
  1. Kurt, I'll get that book for him. I know he will enjoy reading it. He's a retired "EOD man" (as he describes himself) and collects all sorts of military items... and I can listen to him all day! Helping him track down the history on items that he picks up has become a hobby to me. Thanks again, Lisa
  2. Thank you for your replies. He is looking for a book about any collectibles pertaining to Italian POW's. He has a "nice" U.S. militaria collection from the Civil War through the Vietnam wars and now looking into POW items. He said Italian, but he would also enjoy/use any books/information on other POW's from other countries. Thanks again. Lisa Lier
  3. Good evening, My father in law asked me to search for a book that is on Italian POW military items... anything at all. I'd imagine a book on any POW militaria would be of help to him. Thanks for any assistance you may provide. Lisa G Lier
  4. I'd NEVER want the patch police after me! That group is SCARY! ? Thanks to everyone for confirming our thoughts, Lisa
  5. Thank you for being so polite with your response. I had wondered as it didn't seem to be a "standard". Lisa
  6. Good evening, Could you please explain the significance of "silver" bullion on rate/rank for US Navy? Thank you, Lisa Lier
  7. Thank you! I don't know why I haven't thought of asking him to have it scanned somewhere like that. Geez! I'll give him this info and see if he wants to go farther. It would be wonderful if this Korean/Vietnam war career Army vet would use a cell phone! *G* Love him anyway! Lisa Lier
  8. Thank you! That was what we pretty much thought... but wanted to be sure. His collection is extensive and he is very knowledgeable but every once in a while he double checks on things. One other question, what is the significance of silver bullion on rate/rank for US Navy? I've learned over the years that with antiques it's best to leave them totally alone! Well, dust and a light damp cloth to them when needed! He has now gotten me into sweetheart jewelry, that can be addicting also!~ Thanks again! Lisa
  9. Hello! My father in law asked me to research a patch for him and I'm coming up with almost nothing. I'm sorry I don't have a photo and he lives 4 hours away. Description: A blue wool background Crossed anchors in white 3 red stripes Eagle in white and the letters M.N.S. He is thinking it is WWI or WWII Any ideas? We are thankful for any and all information! Lisa Lier
  10. Hi! My father in law has a nice patch collection and wanted to know how to clean some with bullion and asked me! I have no idea, I'm just the daugher in law that does research for him on bases, units, etc. Can anyone help us in how to clean them safely? Thank you very much for your assistance! Lisa Lier
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