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  1. That paint just looks way to fresh. A fake in my opinion. I hope that You didn't pay to much...
  2. Back in 1994 I found a FS FB McCord at a local army/navy store in almost mint condition for $19.95. But, my grandparents used to go to garage sale every weekend back in 1970's. There were lots of WW2 items to be found back then apparently. They picked several complete helmet rigs for me, along with a few cartridge belts and backpacks. They never paid over a $1.50 for any one of those items. I still have them, but I no longer have my grandparents....
  3. It's very possible that he may have been transferred from the 101st. I know that happened a lot after the war. It would be nice if we could see his other shoulder. I guess it will remain a mystery....
  4. Thanks, for looking guys. Yeah, it was a very intresting photo album. lots of cool pics!!! I think that these kind of old pics are very interesting. The guys from the 1st Division look great with all of their insignia on display, and the way they have their shirt collars open with no neck ties. I'm sure that was just for photo purposes. And, for he 82nd guy, I wasn't sure if he was actually with the 325th, I'm not up on my Para Ovals. But I don't know if there was another Glider Regiment attached to the 82nd. I was wondering about the stars on his ribbon, and no CIB, as well. I did notice his odd hair style too. Thanks for looking, and commenting guys!!!
  5. A couple weeks ago I was visiting my in-laws, and my mother-in-law brought out an old photo album. She' knows that I collect militaria. The photo album belonged to my father-in-laws first wife, who married a U.S. soldier she met in Berlin Germany while he was on occupation duty with the 1st Division. There were some interesting pics of his time in Berlin. Then, I came across these three pics of some of her sweethearts. Tommie, and Bob of the 16th Infantry regiment. Bob has a nice bullion CIB. No last names, sad to say. Then there was one of an unknown 82nd Div. Glider Trooper. I believe he would have been with the 325 Glider Infantry Regiment. I don't see any Arrowhead devices on any of their ribbons. I just wanted to share them, I thought that they were interesting. Thanks for looking, Rob
  6. The Band, cool!!! A nice collection too...
  7. Very nice display, and a great way to remember your uncle. Rob.
  8. Thanks, Kurt. I never heard of that fraternal order, good to know. Rob.
  9. I found this insignia at a local flea market a couple weeks ago. I think it might be a pioneer hat insignia. I'm not sure, but I think that it could be Civil War, or Indian War era. If anyone has any knowledge, or ideas, I like to know. It is stamped brass, with a bullion pattern. I think that it should have loops on the back, The wires on the back look like ones on surplus insignia sold by Bannerman. It looks like there might be some remains of silver paint on the ax head. I really don't know much about this insignia, it only cost a couple dollars. I'd like to hear what others think. Thanks for looking, Rob.
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