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  1. My daughter wanted to be an astronaut until I told her she had to learn to poop in a diaper in case she had to go number 2 while on a space walk.
  2. I recently found this scroll in a box of patches and medals. Im familiar with the history behind it but can anyone provide some info of the patch itself (scarce, desirable, etc)? Im assuming its theater made.
  3. So you think WW2 uniforms would be no problem for this mannequin?
  4. Have been meaning to post this...found it at a flea market a few weeks ago. Its an original water color portrait of a veteran painted at the famous Stage Door Canteen in New York City in 1943. Its named and dated on the back and signed by the artist on the front. Definitely a future research project. Im guessing he was in artillery from the red piping on his garrison cap.
  5. Heres my Polar Bear helmet. I think Ive posted it before some time ago. Its IDd to an HQ veteran.
  6. Guess it's not a good idea to post stuff half asleep before going to bed.
  7. Come across this flight suit with this white label attached . Unsure if it's WW2 period suit. But I am leaning towards it being USN/USMC. Has talon zippers and a sewn in leather clip on the left hip.
  8. Reverse with no hallmarks (the reverse is actually a silver color and not gold)
  9. Haven't been able to identify this DI. I'm guessing it's postwar by the reverse side?
  10. Found these ATC wings at an estate sale this morning. There doesn't appear to be any hallmarks on the back. I'm guessing these were not military but worn by civilian "hump" pilots flying transport planes during the war? Anyone know if these are real or fake. First time finding these.
  11. I believe there's a photo of him on the "Show Yourself" thread
  12. I thought this photo of Nimitz looked familiar. I was at this auction in May this year and bid on the photos but the price went for more than what I was willing to pay for. Were you at this auction? I believe this is the knife that sold. I think it went for $230.
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