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  1. Looking at the service stripes, I'm guessing this is the last uniform he wore on active duty.
  2. This is the picture that hangs on the wall in Millington. TN.; all Force Master Chief's have their pictures on this wall. My concern is that a career Aircrewman is wearing dolphins, which makes me question whether the picture is correct. The timeline doesn't match his service record either, which is unfortunate because I'd love to have his picture to go along with the uniform.
  3. All, I think I posted this unform when I recieved it last year, but I hadn't figured out the origins at the time. AVCM Chester Charles Jacobs served in the Navy from 19-Jun-1943 - 31-Aug-1977. Boot Camp, Great Lakes, IL Jun-43 to Aug-43 NATTC, Millington, TN Ayg-43 to Feb-44 Student, ARM School NATTC, Yellowwater, FL Feb-44 to Mar-44 Gunnery School NATC, Cecil Field, FL
  4. I'm pretty sure this is him, haven't figured out why there are gold stars on his rating badge yet? I'm going to try to dig into his duty stations next, guessing that's what might explain this rating badge. I think this is my first three war uniform, I look forward to putting this back together. Where would I be able to find out what ribbons he had, would that involve requesting his service record? Is there any other way? http://navylog.navymemorial.org/jacobs-chester CHESTER CHARLES JACOBS Rate/Rank AVCM Service Branch USN 6/1943 - 9/1977 Born 09/12/1922 ELKRIDGE, MD
  5. Looking for advice, I picked this uniform up because it's my old rating and because the stars are gold. Gold stars should equate to a Force or Fleet Master Chief position, and I know that the CMDCM rating didn't always exist. I also know that the first two MCPON's wore their rating badges while MCPON. The uniform is named to a C. Jacobs. Do any of you know where I could find a list of all previous Fleet/Force Master Chiefs? I would love to belieive that this uniform is real, and I'd like to put it back together if I can find out any information on C. Jacobs. Thanks for your hel
  6. A buddy of mine recently bought a uniform off of eBay, and I'm trying to help him find some information. We are thinking that the name on the uniform is "Ball" and "Stovich"? I want to point him in the right direction regarding research, but Ancestory.com is the only database I'm aware of. What other resources are out there? Thanks, Ben
  7. Thanks, I set it up at NATTC Pensacola for this year's Chief Petty Officer pinning ceremony. It's inside one of the hangar bays within the "Mega Building", where most Naval Aviation "A" schools are taught. This uniform only has 10 service stripes, which would have been correct for the time that this uniform was available during his career. When he retired in 1958, he had 13 service stripes. There are pictures of his actual uniform around here somewhere.
  8. ACRM Dominic Denuzzo, WWII Naval Aircrewman.
  9. ACRM Dominic Denuzzo, WWII Naval Aircrewman.
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