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  1. Sight without the peepsight looks like a Mauser rear sight, maybe for Turkish Mauser?
  2. He doesn't have the dentures but Washington's powder horn is for sale. Such a shame that a nice horn was ruined. https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-REVOLUTIONARY-WAR-SOLDIERS-HAND-CARVED-13-POWDER-HORN-GENL-WASHINGTON/293811472566?hash=item44688748b6:g:tMsAAOSwMl5fY67Y
  3. looks like an import US M1840
  4. Just picked this one up. Adjusted Service Certificate or "Bonus" for veterans of WW1. It was this certificate that led to the "Bonus Army" marches to Washington DC in 1932 and the ugly incident when US troops were sent to disperse the veterans. Haven't had a chance to research the soldier it was issued to yet.
  5. Also looks like a cook's patch on the overcoat with the rank chevrons
  6. Looks fine to me. Block printing on fabric was common back then
  7. Maybe too late for a Ketland. Any markings on the interior side of the lockplate?
  8. My father-in-law was in the 106th Division in the Ardennes, he said a few times during that winter, guys would pour gasoline in a helmet and start a fire to keep warm.
  9. I'd have to check Alberts book again, but I think most of those look post CW. CW era most often had simple "Quality" or "Extra Quality" stamps. My apologies if I'm wrong on that
  10. The design reminds me of shako hat plates from War of 1812 era, but that piece looks to be smaller and of heavier construction than most shako plates I've seen.
  11. Interesting. I'd be interested to see more detailed pics and provenance
  12. I liked the first reply best! LOL oh well, that's the beauty of goodwill, not much spent on it. Thanks for all the replies
  13. Picked this up recently, I don't know anything about these. No markings other than the "US-M" art the collar. Two breast pockets and one little pocket on upper left arm. Real, repro, later production? Thanks for any info
  14. I picked this up recently and can't identify the patch. any help is appreciated. It is a shield shape with a lion head? Also pictured are the collar patches. Thanks!
  15. no labels inside at all. it seems similar in cut to those Okinawa tailor-made jackets for early Vietnam advisors, but most of those seem to be Mitchell pattern
  16. It has two lower pocket and one breast pocket
  17. I picked this up with some Vietnam era items (1966 and 1967 dated boots). Is it ROK camo or just commercial duck hunter? It has a TALON zipper. Thanks for any help.
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