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  1. Very interesting wings and great info, thank you!
  2. Very nice wings and great info! Thank you Patrick!
  3. Wow! It's an amazing grouping, telling us an entire life!
  4. Hard to say from photos, but looks like a genuine wing from late WWII / KW era.
  5. Happy New Year to everybody!!!
  6. Thank you Steve for this info! It's incredible: one of the very best Italian wings and medals maker is Johnson, founded in 1830 by Mr. James Johnson, a British medal maker who emigrated from Birmingham (UK) to Milano (Italy)... still in business today. A curious parallel!
  7. Wow! It's an outstanding Wing, thank you for sharing! I wonder if Fattorini was of Italian origin... it does not sound like a traditional British name!
  8. As far as I can see from these photos, these Naval Aviator wings are a genuine vintage item from Meyer. It's a good set from pre-WWII era (1920's to 1930's), and it's surely a desirable item for wings collectors. About the value of these wings... I suggest to do a little search in eBay and others similar auction sites, both in present and expired listings: you will easily see by yourself.
  9. I may be wrong (hard to say from these photos), but it seems that pins are also a little longer than late WWII pins (WWII era pins were usually very short). Maybe a post-war wing coupled with 1940's "flat faced" clutches?
  10. Hi Rooster77, your wings have the typical AMCRAFT pattern; I would say they are WWII vintage and made by AMCRAFT. My two cents.
  11. All Naval "Combat Aircrew" wings I've seen so far have "Air Crew" marked on the bottom. But they clearly are Naval "Combat Aircrew" wings... Maybe a scarce variation? Interesting find!
  12. I know very little about WWI cloth badges so I can't add a technical opinion to the discussion, but I like these wings!
  13. Cool grouping! Thank you for sharing!
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