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  1. Fantastic thread. Glad you got this one rolling O. Some killer ERDL shared by all. I’m gunna have to dig some of mine out out to add to this
  2. I looked online and found his service number. I’ll look in th Jacket to see if there’s a number that matches or has a portion of it. Here it is incase you don’t have it..... 1425883
  3. That’s crazy if it is his jacket. There’s a couple laundry numbers but not sure if it’s his or the previous owners. Be cool to confirm if it was in fact his
  4. What an amazing collection. That tiger set is uber rare. Heres the tread where its presented in more detail. Post #613 and down. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/161456-tiger-stripes-part-ii/page-25 Guessing he had some connection to 9th ID LRRPs by the beret. Love how the beer can has no paint left. Salty. Thanks for sharing these.
  5. Love boots with alert zippers. Very high speed. What’s the zipper maker/brand marked on the pulls?
  6. Hi B, Does your vest have that same zipper markers mark on the pull?
  7. Great vest. I’ve never seen that zipper brand before.
  8. Klaxon

    SOG 1-0 Vest

    That thing is so damn cool. Congrats again
  9. Great jackets. I have to agree with Soar on the Rycom call. Here’s a link to some other examples of uniforms they made here on the forum. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/279477-unusual-tigerstripe-and-og-cargo-trousers-vietnam-era/
  10. Killer jacket. HAMA is a zipper manufacturer from Japan. You find them on some Japanese made Tigerstripe trousers.
  11. Well we know that now. Lesson learned. Glad it was there when you went back. I saw it before Inspiration when Lena and I were out vintage shopping so not surprised. It was waiting for you ??
  12. The fact that it was the only patch pinned on and the weird interfacing wool backing threw me. Glad it went to a good home ?
  13. I'm a dingus. Saw that Ike and passed. Thought the scroll was a repro Congrats O
  14. Great pic. Guy 2nd from the right looks like his jj is soaked in blood.
  15. Great Jacket. Does it have the bi-swing gussetted back like the USN M-422A/G-1?
  16. Love this..... "It's true the SF NCO went on the ground, got down, and did the dirty dancing, but Charles Allen played the music, and he was never out of key." So good
  17. Great jacket! 100% brothers. Wonder if it's the same guy? Weird how they/he striped both the SSI and Sgt. stripes on both jj's. Recon was usually just a platoon within the company so pretty small muster. What's the name tape read? You find any info on him?
  18. Wow incredible windproofs. Nicely done lads.
  19. Here's a link to one I posted a while ago asking the same question about the lower sleeeve ssi placement. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/258921-wwii-67th-armoured-regt-2nd-armored-tunic/
  20. Killer pattern. Really loving it in its unwashed state. Bold and beautiful!!!
  21. Hi Jack,Thanks for posting. Hard to tell but could be. It's the right time period for sure. Cool that here wearing Sgt. stripes on his sleeves and not collar this late war. Cheers, Matt
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