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    Currently, I am assembling a collection of WW2 Militaria and public domain photographs to educate the public about the war and remind them of the freedoms we enjoy in this country. If anyone has any suggestions of a public domain photograph (or any other suggestion regarding this project) they feel would be appropriate I would be interested in hearing from you.

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  1. Waiting to go home and hoping they don't go to the Pacific. I suspect you are right, both of mine were clearly done at the end of the war. It seems like that generation was good at keeping mementos as opposed to doing a facebook post and forgetting it. The signed menus and shortsnorters fall into this catagory as well. Thanks for posting the flag it is a great piece.
  2. I've read to my kids since they were small, generally fiction books. To mix things up I recently read them Ticket to Hell Via Dieppe by Robert Prouse (with a little selective editing). It was a huge hit so we went on to read a biography by a member of the 507th 82nd airborne, and now we are reading Ernie's War The Best of Ernie Pyle's World War 2 Dispatches. Mr. Pyle does a good job of portraying in a very human way what the infantry experience at the squad and foxhole level. Even my wife has started listening and occasionally commenting and sometimes I can't read for the kids interrupting
  3. His bio is not in vol 1, 3, or 4 nor is he on the vol 3 roster either living or deceased.
  4. A friend of mine recently lost his father in law, a marine corp sgt who serve in Vietnam as a door gunner and mechanic in an air evac unit. The local marine corps recruiter helped him put his father in law's ribbons in proper order for display at the funeral. These medals include one purple heart and seven air medals. What qualified an individual for an air medal in Vietnam? Was the air medal award to the USMC enlisted man in Viet Nam instead of the DFC. Thanks a bunch.
  5. Is anyone familiar or made purchases from Collector to Collector Miltaria, the proprietor is Robert Iqbal? Thanks in advance.
  6. I'm considering making a purchase from a dealer unknown to me but who has the following certification on his website. Max/GDC certified dealer Can anyone comment on this certification? Thank you in advance
  7. Working on finishing up a collection of original WW2 Marine Corp Patches. Does anyone have any idea what is a fair price to pay for a Raider Battalion patch and also a Parachute Battalion patch? Thank you
  8. I'm interesting in cobbling together a display of navy rates from WW2. Can anyone recommend a website, book, or maybe a thread on the this forum that lays them concisely out with depictions. Thank you.
  9. Thanks for posting these pictures, I particularly enjoyed seeing your WASP grouping. The WASP museum in west Texas is on my bucket list.
  10. In the book Last Hope the Blood Chit Story the authors Baldwin and McGarry reference these chits occasionally occuring with the Chinese flag on the left. An example is depicted albeit different than yours.
  11. Can anyone give me the name of a reputable dealer who will accept a militaria piece on consignment?
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