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    Wilmington NC
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    Anything in militaria from World War I to present. I'm mainly a helmet collector but I like pretty much everything. My username is dedicated to my grandfather that I never met. His name was Max I Gray he was a Command Sergeant Major in the Army in various airborne and infantry divisions he served in World War 2 Korea and Vietnam. He was one of the very few to earn the 3rd award of the Combat Infantryman's Badge.

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  1. Ah well that explains why I couldn't see them!
  2. Thanks for that info I can hardly see them does that effect function? I'm not going to be going to a show anytime soon so I'm going to see what can be had on the forum and ebay.
  3. I'm looking to buy some original magazines for my 1911a1 but do not know anything about the makers in WW2 and post war or their rarity and value.
  4. Do WW1 belts not fit them? I've been searching for a answer but can't find much the CMP says they do.
  5. Would a normal 1911 holster ever be worn with a mounted cartridge belt? WW1 era or post.
  6. Ah I completely agree. Although I actually didn't expect to win my auction lol.
  7. Yeah I paid $67 for a average maybe little less than average Camillus mk1. I just got into collecting ww2 edged weapons alongside of guns. I was basing the worth on completed Ebay listings and not anywhere else.
  8. If its only worth $45 I may have overpaid for mine oops.
  9. I was wondering about the possibility of that you guys made me buy a Korean bayonet for nothing! Kidding it's a cool bayonet in it's own right its 1943 date is still visible. Now to find a suitable modified bayonet for this scabbard.
  10. How much longer is the scabbard compared to the blades on the Korean cut downs theres on considerable amount of extra scabbard on this one. Also the blade hardly locks in I wouldn't want to be issued this.
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