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  1. Unfortunately I'm having some trouble resizing my images right now, I will sort it out and post some pictures later I have a three place ribbon bar with what I believe to be a 2nd Byrd Expedition Medal, American Defense Service Medal, and Selected Marine Corps Reserve Medal. It is pinback and sewn. The possible Byrd medal ribbon is pure white and does not appear to be faded from another color. Does this combination make sense?
  2. I recently read that apparently a Marine Engineer NCO killed an enemy at Incheon in 1950 with a naval cutlass. I did a bit of research and couldn't come up with a name or any more information. Has anyone else heard this story or any other stories about the use of swords by US troops in combat after WWI?
  3. I've always found this a very interesting medal because it was awarded to those who participated in some smaller scale and more obscure conflicts. It seems possible that a soldier could have been awarded three or more service stars especially if he was in an advisory position. The most I have seen is two. Have any of you seen more than two service stars on this ribbon and what conflicts were they for?
  4. Do you have any examples of this? I've never seen it.
  5. Thanks! I've also seen the Saudi rank. Does anyone know of any other ranks of foreign militaries that have been work by US soldiers?
  6. I have seen several examples of ARVN officer insignia worn by US officers, usually between the second and third buttons of a fatigue shirt or jungle jacket. I was wondering if there were any regulations relating to this practice. Was this insignia ever work on class A's?
  7. I have always been interested in MAAG groups and especially the more obscure ones, among my more recent interests is MAAG Ethiopia. I found a pair of (what are supposedly) Ethiopian paratrooper wings being sold by the daughter of a WW2-Vietnam SF Lt Col who served as an advisor in Ethiopia in the early 60's. The only evidence that I have that they are Ethiopian is the daughter's word. I have never seen another pair of Ethiopian wings. Being that the man had such a long career, I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't Ethiopian. I'm hoping someone can help me out with these. They're very large,
  8. This example isn't mine, but I hate to start a topic without pictures. It was sold several years ago by Rally Point Militaria.
  9. I noticed that there is no thread for this. I feel like it's an interesting area and I'd love to see what you guys have.
  10. Wow! Thats some great stuff! All from the same source?
  11. I have seen plenty of Kagnew Station patches, but I have only seen one example on a uniform. I was wondering if any of you have an example of a Kagnew Station patched uniform or a uniform id'd to a MAAG Ethiopia vet (I don't believe there was an SSI for this unit nor have I seen a crest for the standard MAAG patch that says Ethiopia). I'm also interested in seeing any post WWII uniforms with a connection to an army unit (especially an advisory group) stationed in another African country.
  12. Sorry about my mistake, I've always tended to specialize more in WWII than Vietnam. I'm not entirely sure how I want to set up the shirt exactly, but I do know that I would like to make it representative of an officer in the very early 60's in a more obscure MAAG group. Perhaps MAAG Ethiopia, MAAG Iran, or MAAG Taiwan.
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