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    My name is Steven and I collect United States Army and USMC M-1 helmets and field gear from the WWII. I've been collecting militaria since 2011.

    Collecting in memory of both my grandfathers who served in WWII.

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  1. Thank you very much for your help! Those are some good looking holsters, the second one is immaculate! Based on your pictures and comments it does look like mine is a reproduction but no worries, that’s what I was expecting. I appreciate your help -Steven
  2. I got this recently and I believe it may be an older reproduction, I just wanna make sure before I sell it. The US stamp looks too small to me, the rivets on the back look wrong, and It looks old but not old enough. Also there are no Mfg. marks on it. Heres some pictures. Thanks for the help -Steven
  3. Picked this one up last week, appears to be a 1950s era MP helmet. It has a great look, looks like there was once larger MP letters and a yellow band around the helmet but those have been painted over and a red band and smaller MP marking have been painted on. Has anyone seen any similar painted MP markings on 50s era helmets? I'm just used to seeing decals used on post WWII MP helmets. Thanks for looking -Steven
  4. Very nice! You're definitely a canteen collector. Those 1941 dated canteens are ver very hard to find, I finally found one after a few years of searching so now I've got a full 1941 set just like yours.
  5. Yes they are, looks like they were covered with medical tape and the whole helmet was repainted. The bars are welded on too. It sure is a neat one! -Steven
  6. Haven't posted this one on here yet but this has gotta be my favorite. -Steven
  7. Quite an impression collection! Those helmets are amazing! -Steven
  8. I agree, definitely looks like a factory over painted one to me. Nice find! -Steven
  9. I was thinking about that, will check into it. It came from a seller in North Carolina, said he has had it for years but didn't know anything about it. Thanks! -Steven
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