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    I'm a student of all periods of US history. But I have an affinity for the Civil War.
  1. So awesome. Glad you found it. So many wonderful artifacts just get thrown away.
  2. IMO, it is close to the time period. Closer photos of the sleeves outside and in may indicate more.
  3. Sounds like fun. I was just in Gettysburg and made a few purchases from The Horse Soldier and UDB. Both shops have some items that are over-priced, but they also have very fair prices mixed into the bunch. Going into those shops is sensory overload for me...
  4. Wow. Can't believe they are still renting 150 year old uniforms out as costumes...
  5. Awesome. I love Civil War period items. If you ever want to sell it...
  6. The hammer on the OP's carbine looks to be a replacement hammer from a Springfield.
  7. Tim Prince, the owner of the site, helped write the article for the North and South Trader's Magazine. So the listing is very similar to the "meat" of the article.
  8. Here is one for sale on the College Hill Arsenal page: http://www.collegehillarsenal.com/shop/pro...t=13&page=1
  9. The North and South Trader Magazine had an article on this Austrian cav musketoon within the past year. You should check it out.
  10. Thanks for all the input. I really appreciate it. I learn at least one thing daily on this forum!
  11. This link:http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=74470 seems to indicate that there was one company that produced a straight "For Service." Is that true?
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