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  1. Really fantastic display! I like the look of everything together! Thanks for posting. - Henry
  2. Here is a screen-shot of the Original Decree #1248 dated 26th. October 1945 from Belgian Army Records Director General of Human Resources showing him listed as being awarded these decorations. I also received an Official Attestation from the Belgian Minister of Defense documenting the award of the Military Cross Second Class with Palm and War Cross 1940 with Palm. - Henry
  3. Here's another image I found while going through a photo album I picked up. Here is an unnamed soldier from the 34th Division bearing the insignia of the 109th Engineers. Circa 1938 - 1941. The distinctive unit insignia was originally approved for the 109th Engineer Regiment on May 23rd, 1927. It was re-designated for the 109th Engineer Battalion on September 2nd, 1943 - US Institute of Heraldry
  4. Fantastic 83rd Division Grouping! PM to follow. Thanks for posting. - Henry
  5. Wonderful set of private purchase dress blues. The construction, materials, pattern and even the reinforcement buttons look nearly identical to a set I have belonging to a marine raider. Very nice set of blues. Thanks for posting - Henry
  6. Every once and a while something comes along that surprises you. This is one of those things that qualifies in my book. Last week I was perusing eBay and I came across a nice example of a first edition of the 115th Infantry Regiment Unit History. I've been looking for a copy of this book for a little while for my reference library and this one fit the bill. So, for $32 plus free shipping from a book reseller, I purchased the book. Well, it arrived today and needless to say I was a bit surprised by what I discovered. I'll let the pictures do the talking. - Henry
  7. Kadet, Have you tried a local county records office where he lived after the war? Being that he was wounded I would be led to believe that a copy of his discharge would be on file being that he was wounded and he would likely have wanted to take advantage of VA medical benefits. I know some county record offices can be very helpful while many are not but it might be worth a shot. I’ve gotten lucky this way on a few uniforms I own where NARA records are nonexistent but miraculously a DD-214 is on file and the county is willing to work with me on giving me a copy. - Henry
  8. I managed to get the full general order from the National Archives a couple weeks ago. Here is a better scan of it. Would anyone know or be able to check and see if he is listed as receiving these Belgian Decorations in the Index of Belgian Orders & Decorations Awarded to US Service Members During World War II by Brandon Wiegand? I have been unable to find a copy of the index. Looks like they are all out of print and nearly impossible to find. - Henry
  9. What an absolutely stunning group! Thank you for posting it. - Henry
  10. Today is November 11th so I thought that I would bring this back to the top for the 101st anniversary of the end of World War I.
  11. CSC #8784 was awarded to Milton N. Simons per the NY State Archives DMNA Medal Card Collection.
  12. Dave, Your book looks fantastic! I can't wait to get a copy! - Henry
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