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  1. Here a recent one of my impressions :- Member of the medical detactment HQ Company, 80th AAA, 82nd Airbourne Taken by my wife ar a recent PR session
  2. Hi there, Here's a small grouping I have to a Sailor who was serving on the USS Arkansas Pre war and just before the start. I do'nt know If he served on it during the war. I have his dog tags and three envelopes. His dog tags are the C type and have the following information Peeler William Randolph 73432 USN A P Two of the envelopes are from May 1938 whilst the "Arky" was paticiptaing in the dedication exercises for the Bejamin Franklin Memorial in Philadelphia. They contain a letter to William's wife Nonie (Winona?) Describing what he has been doing and going to see Robin hood in glorious Technicolour. The second contains pictures of the dedication ceremony from the philadelphia inquirer with Notes showing William standing. Unfortunanlty to far away for any detail. The last envolope is dated Aug 9 1941 posted during the Atlantic Charter conferences which took place on board USS Augusta between President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. During the conference, the battleship provided accommodations for the Under Secretary of State, Sumner Welles, and Mr. Averell Harriman, from 8 to 14 August 1941. Its a letter to his son saying about the confrences and about the Battleship Prince of Wales. He says about it not lasting as long as the 'Arky' which was 29 years old at the time. HMS Prince of Wales was sunk by the japanese on the 10th Decemeber 1941. I have attached some pictures and you should be able to read the letters. I would love to know any more about this man. As he served on the Arkansas for quite a few years. I think he was just a seaman and not an officer. I have been unbale to find any more about him. Cheers Matt
  3. Thanks for that craig. It was your referance that I checked before I bid on it just to confirm it was what I thought it was. Do we know the length of time these were in service?
  4. Hi Guys, Had these for a couple of years now still don't know much about them. Never seen another pair or any period pictures of them. Label is well washed out but the word cleveland is visable as well as the word coveralls plus the date 1944. Any ideas?
  5. There are still bargains on eBay. Got this through the post this morning. 1st pattern second model corpsman bag in very good condition. Was listed as a “USN Navy Style REDCROSS Canvas Messenger Bag” With a description that included “Not sure on the maker but this is one wicked mod/indie bag” Nearly fell off my chair when I saw it especially with the price. Got it with the P&P for £16($32). The damaged one I already had cost me £25 ($50) Only question is how long were these produced?
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