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  1. There is an event advertised on the National DDAY Memorial Website that's located in Bedford Virginia, unsure how far of a drive that is for ya but may be worth the trip. https://www.dday.org
  2. I'm thinking its a patch meant to designate the captain of a sports team, usually found in jerseys.
  3. I'll be there Saturday, gonna have some stuff for trade, ww2 grouping and some Vietnam stuff....looking for ww2 helmets pm me if you wanna know what I got or if you may have some helmets.
  4. Just got back from playing OPFOR at the MOUT site at Ft. Stewart (also known as Colmar) for a National Guard MP school. We wore a mixture of different things, some guys were rag tag militia so they mostly wore civilian clothes, meanwhile the group I was with were more of an organized element for the most part we wore multicams or various BDUs no helmet covers. My basic kit the entire time was khaki aviation trousers, multicam combat shirt, kevlar without cover, coyote brown plate carrier with radio pouch (with PRC 148), double mag pouch with 4 mags, dump pouch, camel back and then of cour
  5. I would honestly suggest getting original examples of items and having a company reproduce the items for you at a wholesale price and only for you. Your own product line not someone else's.
  6. There's a large civil air patrol squadron that reenacts the civil air patrol during the war complete with a couple planes too. They set up at the Reading WW2 Airshow each year in Reading Pa.
  7. Word to the wise if you plan on attending all 3 days buy your tickets online now that way it's cheaper and you don't have to wait in line to get in. Because if you don't then you will spend about 20 bucks a day to get in, and depending what time you get there you could wait up to an hour in line just to get in. If you don't have a hotel room in the area yet get one TODAY (like as you read this message) because almost all of them will be gone by now. If you plan to attend as a Reenactor, great! Just remember you must be a part of a unit that is a part of the event and you must be registere
  8. That sure looks like a 55th ID ghost division patch.
  9. I've seen in photos (would have to dig deep to find them again) similar vests during the Korean War, they did not have pockets or patches though. The few similar vests I have seen are far and few between which leads me to believe if it was an issued item it wasn't widely issued or and what I think is more of a believable statement is that they were private purchased or tailor made. But I've only seen them in Korean War photos.
  10. What are you going to do with them? I'd be interested in them.
  11. No words, too soon in my personal opinion, though in the argument of too soon the first civil war reenactment in the United States did take place while the war was still being fought lol. But this, like others have said, why not do this for real, plus you won't have to spend hundreds on a kit....it's all issued to you.
  12. Become a member of the vintage leather jacket forums, and constantly browse their buy sell and trade section, you can get one of those really nice jackets for a song if you catch at the right time. I picked up a nice 1939 Werber repop from Goodwear....hardly worn for $650 and the jacket sells brand new for $1500.
  13. I see no problem with that at all, and most wont either, and when asked about it it will be even cooler to explain that its to honor your grandfathers service with the 1st ID in Vietnam because then you get to share his story with others more and more. What unit in the 1st ID was your grandfather with and when was he in Vietnam? My father was with the 1st ID during his first tour in 65-66
  14. I'm going to have to agree with the general consensus so far, the jacket looks good but it looks like the patches were added. I think it is a piece together IMHO
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